How to Properly Put on Contacts – A Detailed Guide

How to Properly Put on Contacts

The number of people wearing contact lenses is increasing with every passing day. That’s because for most of these people, wearing lenses changes the quality of their life for the better. However, to enjoy the advantages of wearing contacts, you must know how to wear them properly. Additionally, you must also know how to take care of your lenses. Without proper care, your contact lens can lead to serious issues such as infections.

You may be new to contact lenses or might be wearing them for years; you cannot afford to be careless when putting in, removing, and caring for the lenses. The section below will help you to understand the right way of handling your contact lenses.

Getting Yourself Ready Before Putting in Your Contact Lenses:

Before you know how to properly put on the contacts, you must know how to prepare yourself for the process. Begin by washing your hands with soap. Once done, dry your hand well. You should keep the contact lens case handy to ensure that you don’t need to touch too many things after washing your hands. Open the contact lens case.

Getting the Contact Lens Ready:

Getting the Contact Lens Ready


Place the first contact lens on the left hand (i.e., your non-dominant hand) using your fingertip. Rinse it using a contact lens solution. Never wash your contact lenses using regular tap water that can not only contaminate them but can also damage them. Put the rinsed contact lens on top of the middle finger of your right hand (i.e., your dominant hand) and check it closely. You shouldn’t move to the next step if you notice any damage.

Also, make sure that you have the correct side of the lens facing you. If you see that the lens is not forming a bowl, flit it gently.

How to Put in Contacts?

Stand in front of a mirror and open your lower eyelid and upper eyelid using the hand that doesn’t have the lens in it. Look up at the ceiling or in your front and place the contact lens inside your eye. Slowly, close the eye and roll it around to allow the lens to settle in place. You can also press your eyelid gently to allow the contact lens to take its position. Blink a few times. You should feel comfortable and should be seeing everything clearly.

If there’s any discomfort in your eyes, remove the lens gently, rinse it again, and repeat the process. You should follow the same method when putting in both contact lenses.

Are Hard and Soft Contacts the Same?

The most widely used variant of hard contact lenses is rigid gas permeable lenses. This lens type allows oxygen to enter our cornea. Other than that, they are also more durable compared to soft contact lenses. Still, most people opt for soft instead of hard ones. That’s because hard contacts increase the wearer’s chances of getting an eye infection. Other than that, they are also not very comfortable. As a result, your eye doctor will possibly ask you to choose a soft lens as your first contact. However, when it comes to putting contact lenses, you need to follow the same process for both hard and soft lenses.

How to Manage Discomfort Resulting from Contact Lenses?

As a new user, you may feel slight irritation and discomfort after you put in contact lenses. This usually continues for a few days and is more common in individuals using hard lenses. If you feel dryness in your eyes, you can use a rewetting drop formulated for contact lenses. If you experience irritation, you should consider removing the lenses. Wear it again only after rinsing it with a contact solution. If the discomfort persists, you should visit your eye doctor or consult a contact lens expert.

Removing Contact Lenses:

Removing Contact Lenses

Now that you know how to put in contacts, you must also know how to remove contact lenses. Wash your hands well and dry them. Pull down the lower eyelid of one eye gently using your right hand. Look up and use your right hand’s index finger to pull down the lens to your eye’s white part. Push it using your index finger and thumb and take it out from the eye. Place the lens on your palm and put some contact solution on it. Rub the lens gently for 30 to 40 seconds to get rid of the oil, dirt, and mucus. Rinse the contact lens well and put it inside the case. Cover it completely using a fresh contact solution. You should follow the same method to remove both contact lenses.

About Contact Lenses Care:

You may use the best brand contact lenses, but you will have to take good contact lens care of them to wear contact lenses without getting eye infections or any other issues. You should never miss storing your contact lenses inside a disinfecting solution overnight. Always throw out the contact solution right after wearing the lenses. Never forget to rinse the contact case using saline water every time you put in the contact lenses. Last but not least, replace the case after every three months.

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Final Words:

If you experience issues with your eyes after wearing contact lenses, don’t hesitate to call your doctor right away. Some of the symptoms you may experience due to an eye infection are eye-watering, eye pain, light sensitivity, swelling and redness in the eyes, etc.

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