How to Properly Insert and Remove your Contact Lenses

Remove your contacts easily

Are you a new contact lens wearer and you’re scared of putting on your contacts? Don’t worry. We will show you how to properly insert and remove your contact lenses easily. Soon, you’ll be doing it like a pro! Before we start, make sure that you have the correct prescription. If you haven’t bought one yet, we offer contacts without prescription for as long as you already know your eye care requirements.

Whether you’re wearing regular contact lenses or disposable lenses, there are basic steps to follow for proper insertion and removal.

Basic Guidelines:

  • Make sure that your hands are clean. Wash with soap and dry them thoroughly.
  • Choose a room with adequate lighting and position yourself in front of a big mirror.
  • If you’re standing over a sink, make sure that the drain is covered, just in case you drop the lens!
  • The lens should be cleansed with a solution to remove any debris. If you’re using a disposable lens, it will already be dipped in a solution when you take it out of the package.
  • Disposable lenses should be discarded on the prescribed date. Don’t use it beyond the intended timeframe. Get contacts without prescription anytime through our website.
  • Always check that the lens is clear, undamaged and not deformed in any way.
  • If your eyes are dry, use eyedrops to lubricate.

Inserting Your Contact Lens:

It may take several attempts to put on your contact lens the first time you try.Don’t be discouraged. You’ll get the hang of it!

  • If you have different prescriptions for each eye, make sure that you’re getting the right lens from the package or case.
  • Use the Index Finger of your dominant hand and get the lens gently. The curved part should sit on the tip of your finger.
  • Using your other hand, pull your lower eyelid up to keep them from blinking while you’re putting your contacts on.
  • As you put the contacts on, look upwards and use the Middle Finger of the hand holding the contact lens to pull down your lower eyelid.
  • Gently and steadily position the contact lens in the middle of your eye, on the iris. Slide it on the eyeballs if required.
  • Once the contact lens is positioned, let go of your LOWER EYELIDS first, before the upper eyelids.
  • Blink slowly so the contacts will settle in. Is there any discomfort?
  • If you were not able to position it correctly, remove the contacts, clean it and try again.

Removing your Contact Lens

  • Pull your lower eyelid down using your Middle Finger.
  • While looking up, bring your middle finger close to your eye and touch the lower portion of the contact lens.
  • Slide the lens down to the bottom white part of your eye.
  • Using your thumb and index finger, gently squeeze the lens and remove it.

You will find it difficult not to blink while removing or inserting. It just takes some practice. It’s normal to feel nervous about putting something in your eyes, but contact lenses are perfectly safe and most of them are soft. Make sure to replace your contact lens as need. We provide contact lenses without prescription to make it convenient and easy for your to care for your eyes properly.

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How to Properly Insert and Remove your Contact Lenses

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How to Properly Insert and Remove your Contact Lenses

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