What is a Toric contacts Lenses

What is a Toric Contact Lenses

People suffering from visual imperfections often wear toric contact lens for perfectly clear vision. However, whether or not you need a toric lens is a matter your ophthalmologist should decide. Therefore, for any refractive errors, consult a specialist to figure out the best contact lens for your eyes.

What is a Toric Contact lense?

Toric contact lenses are quite different in terms of structure, refractive corrections, and use. Unlike the common contact lenses featuring a spherical lens, and power, these ones come with a geometric shape surface and unique orientations for vertical and horizontal refraction.

Powers are not always the only factor responsible for poor eyesight. Several other eye conditions can be present with a focal point issue. Every toric contact lenses adjusts the axis on vertical and horizontal planes according to the wearer’s eyesight requirements.

Therefore, poor eyesight can be a complex problem that needs an advanced solution. Always consult an eye doctor to treat such problems.

Things You Should Know About A Toric Contact Lenses:

If your doctor has prescribed toric lenses for you, their fitting should be one of the primary concerns for the wearer.

Every toric contact lenses can be different as the refractive errors vary from one person to another. People with astigmatism can rely on these lenses entirely

Are Toric Contact Lenses Good For You?

Are Toric Contact Lenses Good For You

If your doctor says so, they are good for you.

Toric lenses are specially designed vision correctors that are suitable for a range of visual impairments.

However, whenever you begin to experience the symptoms like headache, blurry vision, etc., you should visit a doctor to know about the most suitable contacts.

People, with astigmatism, myopia, etc., find toric contact lenses particularly helpful for vision correction. Vision power associated with axis problems needs toric contacts.

Contacts For Astigmatism:

Since the light enters through the cornea, people with astigmatism experience blurry visions. The image formation on the retina can never be perfect when the cornea has a distorted surface. Doctors often recommend toric contact lenses for correct astigmatism. The following are the two primary varieties of astigmatism.

  • Corneal astigmatism
  • Lenticular astigmatism

No matter the intensity of astigmatism you suffer from, the right toric contact lens can help you see things clearly and without any distortion. Any problem in corneal shape can lead to long-term eyesight complications, if not treated in time. Therefore, the moment you realize that your vision is becoming somewhat blurry and distorted, consult a doctor without any delay.

What is a Toric contacts Lenses

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Common Symptoms Of Astigmatism:

For different people, the symptoms may vary. Frequent headache is the most commonly found symptom in patients with astigmatism. However, the following list includes the most common symptoms that people with astigmatism experience.

  • Blurry, fuzzy, or distorted vision
  • Poor night vision
  • Eyestrain
  • Eye irritation
  • Squinting
  • Headaches

Who Can Have Astigmatism?

Anybody can be at risk of astigmatism. However, for the following people, the risk of experiencing this eyesight condition remains considerably high.

If it runs in your family, you are at a higher risk of experiencing astigmatism. If any of your family members suffered from a condition like keratoconus, your risks will be higher.

✦Thinning or scarring of the cornea may lead to astigmatism.

✦Excessive nearsightedness may lead to astigmatism.

✦If you suffer from excessive farsightedness, the risk of astigmatism remains high.

✦If you have undergone eye surgery such as cataract, astigmatism risk increases.

✦No matter the reason, with a suitable toric lens, you can overcome your vision issues easily.

Diagnosis Of Corneal Astigmatism:

If you have vision problems, consult an expert ophthalmologist. An expert may conduct several eye tests to confirm astigmatism. These tests may include Visual acuity assessment tests, refraction tests, and keratometry.

The process can be long, but the results will be flawless. The ophthalmologists will first find if you have intense or mild astigmatism and prescribe a toric contacts lens accordingly.

Astigmatism Treatment:

A person suffering from astigmatism may receive three varieties of treatment from the eye doctor. Depending on the extent of the problem, also the ophthalmologist will suggest corrective lenses, Orthokeratology, or refractive surgery.

For complete visual correction, the extent of astigmatism remains critical for choosing the best treatment alternative. For normal to medium issues, toric lenses always remain the first choice.

Tips To Choose The Right Toric Lenses:

Not everyone needs the same contact lenses for astigmatism. This eye condition affects different people differently. The choice primarily depends on the extent of the problem and the variety of contact the wearer finds comfortable.

Types Of Toric Contact Lenses:

In addition, the regular contact lenses, you will find a wide variety of toric contact lenses in the market today. From hard lenses varieties to soft toric contact lenses, hydrogel ones with thinner edges, the collection of toric contact lenses remains exhaustive. Further, check the collection of the best brands to figure out the best alternative for you.

Final Words:

Finally, in a nutshell, toric lenses are contact lenses with surfaces featuring a geometric shape, irregular and different horizontal and vertical orientations. Furthermore, Ideal for people with irregular corneal shape and extreme eyesight problems, wearing toric contacts lenses can be a simple solution for complex eyesight issues.

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