How Often Should I Clean My Contacts Lenses

Clean Contacts Lenses

Contact lenses are among the safest and most effective eyewear solutions available nowadays. When prescribed by your optometrist, you can wear contact lenses to correct common vision problems. But failure to handle and care for your lenses properly can aggravate the risk of eye infections.

The most essential step you can take to avoid contact lens complications is to know the frequency of cleaning them. For first-time users, it typically takes some practice. However, regular usage will make you adapt to contact lenses.

So how often should I clean my contacts lenses for safe usage? Let’s take a glance at some of the crucial steps to care for your lenses.

Frequency of Cleaning Contact Lenses?

when to clean contact lenses

You should clean your contact lenses every time you take them out of your eyes. If you are a novice user, it is imperative to adapt to the routine of cleaning them every time after removal.

While using contacts, you can never undermine the significance of hygiene. With proper hygiene, you can easily avoid a large number of eye infections. Here are some ways through which you can disinfect your lenses.

  • Wash your hands properly with soap and water and dry them with a clean towel
  • Remove your lenses carefully, one at a time and rinse them thoroughly with the solution for five seconds
  • Place the lenses in the contact lens case
  • Pour the fresh solution into the contact lens case.

Ensure that you keep your contact lenses soaked in the case for a minimum of eight hours. Nowadays, ou can buy a multipurpose contact lens disinfecting solution and remove protein from the lenses. This is especially important when wearing two weeks disposable or monthly disposable lenses.

The Frequency of Cleaning Soft Contact Lens: Case of Wearing Them Occasionally

If you are an occasional user of lenses, then care instructions are pretty different. But if you are using soft contact lenses, ensure to change the contact solution daily. Moreover, some contact solution are only ideal for twenty-four hours of storage.

Hence, you should refer to the packaging to know when to change the lens solution. If you only wear lenses occasionally, consider investing in disposable lenses. Disposable contact lenses daily are easy to care for and ideal for part-time users. Furthermore, if you are a first-time contact lens user, daily disposable lenses are suitable.

How Long do Contacts Last When Unopened?

Packages containing soft lenses usually come with an expiry date. If you use them within the expiry date, there will be no issues. Typically, the expiration date of lenses varies from one manufacturer to another. It is crucial to refer to the package to ascertain whether the lenses are safe to wear or not.

Follow the Recommended Wear Schedule of Your Lenses:

Who Cannot Wear Contact Lenses

Most contact lenses come in various modalities. For instance, disposable lenses are suitable for everyday use. You can also invest in monthly lenses, which are suitable for a month. Over time, protein and contaminants can accumulate on the lenses.

Your vision clarity will suffer greatly while using these lenses. After the suggested wear time elapses, there will be depletion in oxygen transmissibility. Over-wearing contact lenses may severely affect your eyes. Hence, changing your contacts based on the wear schedule will keep your eyes healthy and vibrant.

If you use makeup or other cosmetics, cleaning your lenses every time you wear them is essential. Furthermore, if you have underlying eye issues, cleaning contacts before wearing them is essential or you can consult an eye doctor for treatment.

During the contact lens trial, the optometrist will suggest the right ways to wear contacts. Following these care tips will ensure your lenses function properly. Remember, your eyes will only be as healthy as the contacts you put in them.


Every person who wears contact lenses wonders when and clean my contacts lenses. Know the right frequency based on your usage for ensuring safety. Hopefully the main concept[ts are addressed in this article that will help you to know everything more clearly. At the end, if you suffer any eye issues don’t depend on DIY you should visit an eye doctor immediately.

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How Often Should I Clean My Contacts Lenses

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