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2 Week Disposable

Two-Week Disposable Contact Lenses 

If you wear contact lenses, then you must be aware of the fact that contact lens wearers are required to replace their regular contacts after a certain period of time. Cleaning the lens is necessary every time they’re removed, just to make sure that they don’t cause any harm to the eye. And also they remain in good, usable condition for a longer duration.

Even in these contact lenses, there are plenty of different varieties available based upon your usability! One of the most popular forms of these contact lenses is biweekly disposable or 2 weeks disposable contact lenses as they normally call them. The two-week disposable lens can be worn, daily for 2 weeks, before needing replacement. It is removed before going to bed, cleaned and stored, ready for the next day.

Why choose a 2-week disposable lens instead of daily or monthly disposables?

If you are wondering why you must go for these biweekly lenses, rather than sticking to monthly or daily ones, then there are plenty of reasons for the same. Here is a look at some of the major ones –

  •          They are affordable on your pocket
  •          The silicone hydrogel material is comfortable to the eyes
  •          There are even Day and Night 2 week disposable contact lenses, which you can wear continuously for 1 week before they need replacement.

If you don’t develop allergies from long term use, this product is recommended for you.

There are many options available nowadays that’s designed to suit your needs. And at Contact Lenses4 US, we have the widest range of 2 week disposable contact lenses. You can order from any of these choices that we have and get them delivered right at your doorstep in the quickest possible time. There is no need to run your regular optician, who asks for a doctor’s prescription before giving you the contact lenses.

Try one and see which is most compatible for your lifestyle and grab the one which suits the best!

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