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Coloured Contact Lenses

Do you have typical pale blue or brown eyes? Did you know you could easily turn your eyes a deep green or even black? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? All that is required is the use of cat eye lenses to achieve the desired effect. To change the color of your eyes, you don't need to see a surgeon; colored contact lenses in a specific color or pattern will suffice.

• What are colored contact lenses?

A colored lens is a soft contact lens that people with vision problems and those who see perfectly can wear. Air Optix offers two types of lenses, each with a unique type of vision correction. Air Optix Colors with vision correction and Crazy Lens, which are designed for people with normal vision. Colored contact lenses, like all other lenses, can be worn on a daily basis. They allow you to correct your vision while also changing the color of your iris. You can easily change your appearance with colored lenses. You can, for example, change the color of your eyes for a party, wedding, or photo shoot. Colored contact lenses are also available for the Air Optix Crazy Lens. These cosmetic lenses are not intended to correct vision. They only serve aesthetic purposes.

• Who should wear colored contact lenses?

Colored contact lenses are used by people who want to give their eyes more depth or make their eye color more intense and interesting. Colored contact lenses are intended for people whose greatest desire is to change the color of their eyes. Perhaps the current color of your eyes isn't enough to make you feel special. Instead, your eyes will be the desired, surprising, original, and natural color. More daring individuals can experiment with lenses in unusual colors such as white, red, and black. It's important to remember that colored contact lenses have both an aesthetic and a prescription-based function. They can correct farsighted, nearsighted, and astigmatic vision.

• What are colored lenses used for?

Colored eye lenses can be used to correct vision defects in the same way that corrective contact lenses can. They can change the color of your eyes or make them darker. You can draw attention to your eye color, which can be blue, green, or brown. Crazy Lenses are lenses with unusual patterns that allow you to change the appearance of your eyes. Cat eye lenses, for example, and an intriguing array of lenses with unique eye colors - white, red, yellow, and black - are available. Color lenses in delicate shades are used to emphasize and enhance the color of your eyes. Colored contact lenses can be completely opaque, changing the natural eye color of the person wearing contacts. Colored lenses should be cared for on a regular basis, which means cleaning them with special liquids and storing them in sterile containers. One-day colored contact lenses are available in local stores.

The primary function of colored contact lenses is to alter the color of the iris. There are two options. The first method is to draw attention to the current color of the eyes. Blue eyes become bluer, green eyes become emerald, and brown eyes become amber. The second method involves a total color shift. As a result of this, light blue eyes can turn green, brown, red, or black. White lenses, which give the appearance of a character from a horror film, are an intriguing solution. To change the color of your eyes, make sure your lenses completely cover your iris.

• What are the most common lens colors?

Manufacturers have prepared a special offer for those interested in purchasing colored lenses. It has a range of contact colors, including green, brown, blue, and gray, as well as red, black, and white. Furthermore, they are available in a variety of strengths, ranging from minus to plus. Finally, no prescription colored contacts are included in the offer for those who do not require vision correction.

Blue lenses, such as Freshlook Colors, are ideal for people with light eye colors, such as light blue or gray. They change the color of the lens to something more natural and subtle. They guarantee an extraordinary depth of vision because they are equipped with 3in1 technology.

You can achieve gray eyes by wearing gray lenses, such as Freshlook Color Blends, which highlight light or dark eyes.

Brown lenses (e.g., Aqua View Color) are similar features that are used to emphasize the natural color of the eyes.

To emphasize the hazel appearance of the eyes, use the Freshlook One Day disposable lenses. Meanwhile, Freshlook Color Blends lenses should be chosen to give the eyes a turquoise or sapphire color.

• How much do colored contacts cost?

The cost of a single-colored contact lens can vary greatly depending on the wearing mode, brand, and size of the purchased package. The price reflects whether they require a valid prescription or not.

Only branded colored contact lenses.

The color contact lenses offered by the contactlenses4 US store are the highest quality branded products created by the world's largest optical companies.

What are the types of colored contacts?

Colored daily lenses

  • Dailies® Freshlook® Illuminate™ Jet Black - one-of-a-kind lenses designed to optically enlarge the eyes - a dark ring is printed on the lens, making the color of your eyes incredibly intense and full of brilliance while also preserving the depth of your gaze. The Jet Black color is designed to draw attention to the beauty of dark-colored lenses. In addition to changing the appearance, these lenses will provide the most hydration and oxygen permeability to your eyes, avoiding irritation and unpleasant drying. The Jet Black series' Dailies Freshlook Illuminate model is also intended to correct myopia.
  • Dailies® Freshlook® Illuminate™ Rich Brown - high-quality lenses designed for people with a bright lens color - this model optically enlarges the eyes and gives them shine and depth of look, making you look unique. Dailies® Freshlook® brand lenses have an improved structure, very thin edges, and an enlarged diameter; as a result, they are extremely comfortable to use and perfectly fit the eye. This product will also effectively treat your vision defect and change its appearance and is available in various negative powers. It is only intended for nearsighted people to use for one day.
  • Freshlook One Day - modern-colored lenses available in four unusual colors will provide you with a natural change in the color of your iris as well as high comfort as a result of their use. They will keep your eyes perfectly hydrated throughout their use, preventing drying and irritation. Furthermore, because these lenses do not require maintenance, they are an excellent choice for those who value their free time.

• Colored monthly lenses

  • Air Optix® Colors - innovative colored contacts available in up to 12 beautiful colors that will allow you to change the color of your eyes in a natural way. You can use them even if you don't have any vision problems. Furthermore, they will shield your eyes from external redness, irritation, and pollution. If you take proper care of your lenses, you can use one pair for a month.
  • Freshlook® Color Blends - colored contacts created by Alcon Vision Care that allow you to naturally change the color of the iris of the eye, emphasizing its natural color. They will give you a perfect and deep iris color as well as a high level of comfort and convenience. This item can also be used to correct farsighted and nearsighted vision.
  • Freshlook Colors - colored contact lenses available in 6 different, unusual colors will provide you with a natural change in the color of your eye, with the highest level of comfort, because they are virtually imperceptible to the eye and adapt to it instantly. Furthermore, because it is equipped with UVA and UVB filters, this product will protect you from harmful solar radiation.
  • Freshlook Dimensions - colored contact lenses are perfect for anyone who wants to enhance the color of their natural eyes. This product adds expressiveness to especially bright eyes while also making them appear optically larger. You can select from three distinct colors to positively influence your image, naturally adding depth and clarity to your appearance.

• Colored quarterly lenses

  • Crazy Lens RX - innovative contact lenses that come in various unusual colors and allow you to change the color of your iris naturally. After putting on the glasses, the color visible appears to be very realistic. They have vision-correcting functions in negative optics, in addition to changing the color of the lenses, so they can be used successfully by people who struggle with farsightedness.

• Colored annual lenses

  • Crazy lenses - colored eye contacts can drastically alter your appearance by changing the color of your iris. You can select from up to 30 different lens colors, ensuring you will find the ideal product. Aside from the natural change in the color of the iris, the lenses will also provide you with the most hydration and eye protection, and one pair of lenses will last you up to 3 months of use.
  • Crazy Lens UV Glow - a cutting-edge Maxvue Vision product that changes the color of your eyes while protecting them from UV rays. These lenses are ideal for a wild party where you will amaze your friends with your unusual eye colors. This series comes in a variety of colors, so you're sure to find the perfect match.
  • Air Optix Colors 2 pcs. - without prescription - high-quality contact lenses for people who want to change the color of their eyes but don't have a prescription. They are made of the novel Lotrafilcon B material, which is highly moisturizing and rich in oxygen. Your eyes are protected from irritation and over-drying. Everyone will enjoy them because they are available in 12 lovely colors. One pair is sufficient for a month's worth of wear. The only thing you have to keep in mind is their nightly care.
  • Aqua View Color - non-prescription - colored lenses are dedicated to people who want to change their eye color safely and naturally. These lenses are available in 7 beautiful colors that appear natural and unique. Aqua View Color lenses also include a UV filter, which shields your eyes from harmful UV rays. With daily care, one pair can last a month. Color lenses from the Aqua View series are available in two- and 6-piece packages in the non-prescription version.
  • Freshlook Colors - Plain - come in six beautiful colors and are ideal if you want to change the color of your eyes safely and naturally. Color lenses from the Freshlook series have an increased level of oxygen components, which protect your eyes from irritation and excessive drying, and they perfectly adapt to the shape of your eyes due to their improved structure.
  • Freshlook® Dimensions - plain and prescription-colored lenses designed for people who want to highlight the natural color of their eyes - are ideal for bright colors and come in three beautiful variations. Their unique performance will provide you with the depth of your eyes and visually enlarge your eyes. This product has a high level of hydration and the best oxygen components, making wearing the lenses very convenient and comfortable. Your eyes are kept moist and free of irritation. Freshlook® Dimensions are available in a 2-pack without prescription and a 6-pack with optical powers.
  • Freshlook® One Day - plain colored lenses in three color variations, designed for people who want to change the color of their eyes but do not require a prescription. The color in this product has been printed inside the lens, making it look beautiful and natural and giving your eyes a subtle glow. Furthermore, the lenses are extremely comfortable and have very thin edges. Wearing these lenses is extremely pleasurable, and they remain practically inconceivable. Freshlook One Day is only available for one day.
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