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Bausch&Lomb is a leading brand in the market of contact lenses and accessories. It has an established position and is liked by the glasses users themselves. Due to their high levels of hydration and oxygen permeability, Bauch&Lomb lenses are a popular choice among people of all ages and with a variety of vision problems. PureVision lenses stand out among Bausch&Lomb contact lens brands. 

Description of PureVision lenses

PureVision lenses have been manufactured using modern materials. Thanks to them, the PureVision lens has a silicone-hydrogel structure. Its design provides users with high comfort, quality of vision, and health. Furthermore, in PureVision lenses, the manufacturer Bausch & Lomb used an innovative optics design. As a result, the lenses will provide their users with perfect vision, even in conditions of insufficient lighting. This is very important, especially for drivers who drive at night. 

The advantage of PureVision lenses is that scientists have constructed them in such a way as to reduce the so-called spherical aberration. It is a natural phenomenon related to the structure of the eye, affecting the quality of vision. For instance, it results in the "halo" effect, or light spatter, when we are driving at night and look at the headlights of other cars. The picture is still clear and has high contrast when using PureVision lenses.PureVision lenses are made of a patented material called AerGel. They have a revolutionary surface structure and precise workmanship. They ensure increased oxygen availability and proper eye hydration in any situation. The PureVision lens has a Performa surface that simultaneously prevents debris accumulation and a hazy vision effect. In addition, it prevents the deposition of protein and lipids on the surface of the lens, which increases the comfort of wearing them every day.

The American food and drug administration- FDA, has approved PureVision lenses for 30 days of continuous wear (24-hour lenses).

Who are PureVision lenses for?

PureVision lenses are designed for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. For each group of users, individual lenses have been prepared to meet their requirements. Regardless of the type and size of the defect, PureVision will offer users perfect clarity of vision, down to the smallest detail. PureVision lenses are also designed for people with the so-called. Presbyopia who have trouble reading. They must use special reading glasses. This is a phenomenon of presbyopia, appearing in the majority of people over the age of 40. With the use of PureVision Multifocal or PureVision 2 HD for Presbyopia lenses, this phenomenon is eliminated, and the user still sees very well.  

What types of PureVision lenses are there?

PureVision spherical lenses 

  • PureVision 2 HD - spherical lenses designed for people struggling with hyperopia and myopia, which will allow you to inhibit the development of vision defects and ensure clear and sharp vision in every situation. They have the most up-to-date Comfort Moist technology, which keeps them incredibly hydrated and oxygenated throughout use, ensuring maximum comfort.

  •  PureVision - monthly spherical lenses made of an innovative hydrogel material that provides them with a constant and high level of hydration, which translates into the highest comfort of their use and eliminates irritation and redness of the eyes. High oxygen permeability and simple application without falling out or curling up are additional qualities of these lenses. This product works equally well in continuous, daily, and intermittent modes of use. . 

PureVision toric lenses for Astigmatism

 PureVision 2 HD for Astigmatism - modern toric lenses dedicated to astigmatism. Wearing them guarantees sharp and clear vision in all conditions, without reflections, noise, or blurring. A very easy application characterizes the product, and the lens perfectly adapts to the eye, which is practically invisible during use. An additional feature of this product is its high stability.  

Progressive PureVision contact lenses

  • PureVision Multifocal - innovative multifocal contact lenses that ensure a high level of hydration and oxidation during use. It is a product ideally suited for older people who struggle with presbyopia, allowing them to see sharply and clearly again at all distances. The lenses are also highly resistant to dirt and deposits, thanks to which they protect the eyes from infections. 

  • PureVision 2 HD for Presbyopia - new generation lenses created for people struggling with presbyopia. Their regular use will not only provide you with high-resolution vision both in the distance and near but will also help you effectively inhibit the development of vision defects. In addition, this product is extremely comfortable to use, and its innovative structure makes it highly resistant to infection and redness.

All Purevision contact lenses in our store are available without prescription verification

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