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Planning to purchase contact lenses without prescription? Worry no more because Contact Lenses 4 Us allow everybody to order contacts without prescription.

Buying lenses was never this easy! Placing an order here will only take a few minutes. This is your chance to finally stop relying on eyeglasses.

And, the best part? We have a wide collection of affordable contact lenses from world-class brands. As long as you’re fully aware of your eyes’ needs, we can ship the perfect set of contacts for you anytime, anywhere.

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We bring you the top brands offering high-quality contact lenses so you won’t spend so much time looking for the right set of lenses from one store to another.

Without further ado, take a look at the following brands so you’ll have an idea of the options we have for you:


One of the most trusted names by experts in the world of eye care, Acuvue is known for its innovations for different needs so that everyone will have a clearer vision and a more comfortable time even when they have an active lifestyle.

Here are some of the technologies or modern designs used by this brand:

l  Lacreon Technology - to maintain a sufficient amount of moisture even for people with astigmatism

l  Hydraclear Technology - to keep the eyes comfortable by containing more moisture and allowing more oxygen

l  Subtle enhancer of natural eye colour

l  Ultraviolet (UV) filters/blockers

l  Application markers

Air Optix

Focusing on constant comfort and better vision, Air Optix highlights SmartShield Technology. This kind of technology gives the brand’s contact lenses a thin yet foolproof layer that can protect your eyes from discomfort caused by deposits.

Meanwhile, these are the additional benefits you can get from this brand:

l  TriComfort Technology - to ensure healthier-looking eyes and a fresher feeling by increasing oxygen permeability

l  Multifocal contact lenses for people with presbyopia

l  A more natural look with coloured contact lenses because the tint is contained in the material itself

l  Extended wear or 24/7 use


Oxygen permeability and moisture are the two priorities of Avaira contact lenses. They make sure that maximum comfort is totally possible for up to 14 hours. One feature that makes both factors possible is the brand’s special Aquaform Comfort Science Technology.

The following are the extra advantages of wearing contacts from this brand:

l  Softer yet more durable material

l  UV blockers

l  Better vision regardless of your eye condition (as long as it’s not serious)

l  Monthly replacement

l  Painless wear

l  No need for wetting agents


As expected from a CooperVision brand, Biofinity also uses Aquaform Technology. Its contact lenses are all made of silicone hydrogel for the highest level of comfort possible. They allow consistent oxygen transmission and nonstop moisture.

Check out the following benefits you should also expect from this brand:

l  Monthly replacement

l  No redness

l  Tinted for easier handling

l  Contact lenses for astigmatism

CooperVision has several brands in different stores, but we’re only offering a few options like the Avaira and Biofinity contact lenses as well as the next category we’re going to introduce.


Even though it’s one of the lesser-known products of CooperVision, Biomedics is still highly recommended by a lot of medical experts and contact lens users. It’s one of the most affordable brands of the company. It aims for healthier eyes despite nonstop 11-hour use.

There are quite a number of products from this brand, but we’re only offering the one-day type. Daily disposable contact lenses are perfect for people who don’t want the hassle of regular cleaning and maintenance.


Obviously meant for daily use, Dailies contact lenses normally come in 30 pieces per box. Each lens should only be used once, which is a good thing because using a fresh pair of lenses every single day gives a more relaxing feeling. This is ideal for younger users since they have a busier or more active lifestyle.

This brand is more than just convenience, though. It also ensures the following:

l  Better vision

l  Instant boost of moisture every time you blink

l  No irritation even up to 16 hours

l  Comfort and correction for people with astigmatism

l  More natural feeling


Not all people wear contact lenses just to have a clearer vision. Some users simply want to have more beautiful eyes.

However, having more attractive eyes isn’t just about changing their colour. Sometimes, you just need to enhance them. And, that’s exactly why FreshLook is a superior brand when it comes to coloured contacts.

This brand promotes two types of coloured lenses: one of them is for simple colour enhancement while the other is for complete transformation.

And, the most interesting part? Even if you’re going to wear something with a totally different colour, the effect looks very natural. That’s because the brand uses advanced technology for a more flawless combination of your eye and the lens.


Another CooperVision brand, Proclear is all about a smoother feeling in your eyes to significantly enhance comfort. While low-quality contact lenses have that irritating sand-like roughness especially when you blink, the contacts of this brand are very moist to avoid rubbing your eyelids.


Mainly for correcting hyperopia and myopia, PureVision contact lenses use unique AerGel material to focus on superior vision. As a plus, compared to other contacts for vision problems, the products from this brand are more comfortable because of the added oxygen permeability and resistance to deposits.


Just like the previous brand, SofLens is from Bausch + Lomb as well. Its contact lenses either come in boxes of 6 or 30 depending on whether they’re designed for monthly or daily replacement.

Expect the following from this brand:

l  Extra-thin structure

l  Inversion indicator to show the correct side of the lens

l  Higher water content

l  Better vision in low light because of Aspheric Optics

l  Comfort Moist technology to prevent irritation

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