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Ultra 6 Contact Lenses

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Monthly ULTRA contact lenses  for Presbyopia are produced by  Bausch+Lomb. They give 16 hours of convenience ensured by MoistureSeal technology. The Ultra lenses help to keep the eyes in a good state throughout the time of use, this makes the eyes resistant to infection and irritation. 

The Ultra lenses for presbyopia are characterized by high flexibility and an outstanding, soft surface, which make them blend in the eyes allowing the eyelid to glide over them without any discomfort throughout the time of use. 

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Ultra Contact Lenses

The inventive practice of creating Bausch+Lomb lenses allows you to maintain nothing less than a 95% hydration level for up to 16 hours. The 3-Zone Progressive Design used in ULTRA for Presbyopia lenses improves vision at any distance. They also have a high level of hydration in the lenses, keeping them moisturized and always comfortable throughout the day.

Ultra for presbyopia lenses have an incredibly high rate of oxygen permeability which is important for maintaining good eye health. Since the lens has a favorable oxygen permeability coefficient, the eyes get a sufficient supply of oxygen.

These lenses are very flexible which makes them very comfortable to wear from the point they are worn, throughout the period without disturbing the eyes. Due to their high flexibility, and their distinct soft surfaces, they blend in the eye and remain in place throughout the whole period of use 

Monthly ULTRA for Presbyopia progressive lenses from  Bausch+Lomb provide 16 hours of comfort insured by MoistureSeal technology. It is very useful for People who love to be comfortable even while using lenses throughout the day. The 3-Zone Progressive Design used in ULTRA for Presbyopia lenses allows for enhanced sight either near and intermediate vision and an optimal level of distance vision.

Key Product Features

  • All-day hydration: Ultra lenses have a high level of hydration, which is retained for a long time. This puts an end to irritation and dryness of the eyes.

  • High level of oxygen permeability: The lenses provide an easy flow of oxygen to the eyes, even when the lenses are used frequently the eyes remain healthy, and resistant to infection.

  • Triple optics: Ultra for presbyopia lenses use a 3-Zone Progressive Design, which guarantees excellent vision at any distance whether far, or near, and everything in between.

Additional Information

  • BRAND: Ultra Lenses


  • LENSES IN BOX: 6 contact lenses in a pack


  • WEARING TIME: 24 hours only

  • LENS TYPE: Daily Vision Correction Lenses

Ultra for presbyopia lenses Are Best For

  • People who desire high visual expectations: to have excellent vision 

  • People who are above 40 

  • People who work on the computer for long hours.

About the Brand

BAUSCH & LOMB is one of the largest suppliers of contact lenses in the world. These lenses are strategically and specifically designed to help millions of people across the globe address their vision and eye health needs.

Can I Get Ultra Contact Lenses Without Providing Prescription?

Yes, you can order the Ultra presbyopia lenses without a prescription. However, your prescription will be required to know your Rx.

Are ULTRA lenses safe?

Yes, ULTRA lenses are safe to use because they are manufactured by a renowned manufacturer, Bausch&Lomb, which ensures high quality and safety standards. In addition, their high hydration and oxygen permeability support eye health.

How to choose the lenses ULTRA(6)?

You can choose your own ULTRA(6) lenses based on product parameters such as power, curvature and diameter. You can also consult an optometrist to help you choose the right lenses to suit your visual needs. The package contains up to 6 pieces of lenses, which ensures long-term use. In addition, the ULTRA lenses feature high hydration and oxygen permeability, which contributes to comfortable wear throughout the day.

How to remove the ULTRA lenses?

Before removing the ULTRA lenses, wash and dry your hands thoroughly again. Then you should gently tilt the eyelids and looking up, gently remove the lens with your index finger and thumb. After removing the lens, it should be placed in a special container with a lens liquid.

What vision defects are ULTRA for?

ULTRA lenses are designed to correct short-sightedness or vision distancing, which makes them versatile and suitable for many people with various visual disabilities.

How to wear ULTRA lenses?

Before using ULTRA lenses, wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Then it is necessary to check whether the lens is not reversed. After placing the lens on the index finger, gently bend the eyelids and place the lenses on the eyeball. After placing, check that the lens is well placed on the eye.



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Excellent product and customer service. I love the lenses, they are great because they are very moist.

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    Ultra 6 Contact Lenses

    Ultra 6 Contact Lenses

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