We have been selling contact lenses since 2010. We sell contact lenses to customers in Europe, the Americas, and Australia via our online channels. We were able to acquire a lot of knowledge about contact lenses as a result of tens of thousands of transactions and collaboration with optometrists. We have a perfect understanding of how to provide you with the appropriate original lenses in the shortest possible time and at the most affordable price.

We are happy to share our knowledge because we know more about lenses than most ophthalmologists do. Please contact us If you have any questions. Currently, there are about a dozen numbers on our team, and we will work hard to meet your expectations when you shop at contactlenses4us.com 


 We collaborate with the best manufacturers of contact lenses, like Bausch & Lomb, Alcon, Johnson & Johnson, CooperVision, and many others, to provide customers with affordable, high-quality products. Due to the fact that our warehouse contains over one million lenses, the waiting period for purchased lenses is reduced to a minimum. Our store is protected by the PayPal buyer protection program for all transactions.


                                 ASSORTMENT AND FACILITIES


Contactlenses4US offers all varieties of soft contact lenses. Customers can choose from spherical, progressive, or toric lenses, each with its own replacement rates. We have one-day, two-week, and monthly lenses. As an official distributor of contact lenses, we guarantee original and full-fledged products of the highest quality.



Our team also consists of optometry experts who have direct contact with the customer and are happy to provide advice during e-mail contact.
We have a blog where we share information about how to use lenses, how to care for them, and the structure of the eye and vision defects. The guide is being developed under the supervision of specialists, so we are confident that the information contained in it is reliable and helpful for every contact lens user. Among the articles is advice on the appropriate selection of lenses based on refractive defects, lifestyle, or frequency of replacement.


Our goal is also to educate people about eye care and the proper use of contact lenses. For this purpose, the previously mentioned blog was created to enable specialists to share their knowledge and advice. Lens users can exchange experiences and talk about bothering topics related to wearing contact lenses On our Facebook profile 

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