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Contact Lens 4 US is the one stop shop where you can bring end to the search for Air Optix contact lenses without prescription to end. From color contacts to contacts for astigmatism and what not – we have it all covered under one roof.

Take a look at the list of products we have available below and see what you have been missing out while running everywhere in the market.

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You don’t need to send us a copy of your medical prescription while ordering contacts; making the entire process quick, easy and hassle free one. So stop running around everywhere in the market, looking for a place to buy Air Optix contacts without prescription. Just select the one that you want and place your order now! What are you waiting for?

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  • $29.90
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    Air Optix Aqua is a monthly contact lenses that feels comfortable even after a hectic day. TriComfort technology ensures that oxygen reaches your corneas to keep it looking and feeling fresh. The patented lens material retains moisture, preventing dryness which irritates the eyes. The lens has an ultra smooth surface which discourages deposit build-up....

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  • $35.90
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    Air Optix Aqua contacts without prescription for  beautiful eyes Air Optix Aqua features one of a kind SmartShield technology that makes it durable and long lasting, as it creates a protective layer of moisture around the lens. As a result of this, the lenses stay safe from any deposits that might cause irritation to the users. One of the most comfortable...

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  • $69.00
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    Air Optix Aqua Multifocal  is the contact lens perfect for people who are suffering from  presbyopia - a condition that occurs normally in older people starting at 40.  Symptoms include itching and dryness plus difficulty to see things up close.  For comfort and lesser eye strain, use this brand to help you see better and clearer.  6 lenses per box

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  • $57.90

    Air Optix for Astigmatis are contact lenses provide the wearer to have a stable vision.  This will enable you to see clearly and even wear them while sleeping.  How's that for comfort and flexibility?  Who says you cannot have a great time while wearing contact lenses?  6 contacts per box

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  • $39.90
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    FDA approved Air Optix Night & Day Aqua (3) contacts can be worn safely for up to 30 days.  This brand is chosen by well-known eye care doctors for people who like to sleep wearing their contact lenses.  The proprietary lens allows oxygen to pass through and makes them more breathable.  Consult your eye care professionals so they can recommend the...

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