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AIR OPTIX COLORS 2 contact lenses from CIBA Vision (ALCON) provide a superior option for those seeking high-quality colored lenses. Their natural appearance, comfort, and durability set them apart from other products in the market. The unique color embedding process ensures a lasting shade that is resistant to external factors. The use of Lotrafilcon B material allows for constant oxygen transmission to the corneas, promoting eye health and reducing irritation. Furthermore, these lenses resist contamination and protein deposits, and their packaging is designed to minimize waste. The exceptional features and benefits of AIR OPTIX® COLORS, from consistent moisture retention to all-day comfort and natural color, make them an ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance their appearance with colored lenses. Whether for performance, beauty pageants, or personal style, these lenses can significantly boost confidence with a stunning, natural look.

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  • -6,00
  • -5,75
  • -5,50
  • -5,25
  • -5,00
  • -4,75
  • -4,50
  • -4,25
  • -4,00
  • -3,75
  • -3,50
  • -3,25
  • -3,00
  • -2,75
  • -2,50
  • -2,25
  • -2,00
  • -1,75
  • -1,50
  • -1,25
  • -1,00
  • -0,75
  • -0,50
  • Select
  • Sterling Grey
  • Gemstone Green
  • Brilliant Blue
  • True Sapphire
  • Pure Hazel
  • Turquoise
  • Honey
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Amethyst

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There are a lot of colored lenses out there, but most of them--especially the cheap ones--look too fake. Let’s not forget how uncomfortable they can be since their material isn’t smooth and breathable enough.

What we recommend is this product from CIBA Vision (ALCON) known as the AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses. Their variety of colors has a natural look to complement your face rather than give a distracting appearance. More importantly, they’re soft to avoid hurting your eyes. They can be used whether you have myopia, farsightedness, or a perfect vision.

Another great thing about these contact lenses is their durability. They can last for a month before needing replacement. Just make sure to store them properly in the appropriate container with the right kind of cleaning solution before you go to bed.

Let’s proceed with this sneak peek of the features and benefits of the AIR OPTIX® COLORS contacts.

l  This product comes in 12 different colors. They have interesting names like “Brilliant Blue,” “True Sapphire,” and “Sterling Gray” so you’ll know exactly which color to pick for your beauty goals.

l  The natural effect of each variation is possible thanks to the color embedded into the silicone hydrogel, not printed on the surface. The color is within the material, so external factors can’t easily ruin the shade’s quality.

l  The lenses’ material called Lotrafilcon B will allow constant oxygen transmission into your corneas despite being covered by the contacts. Your eyes are less likely to experience irritation, resulting in a healthier appearance.

l  Contamination is the general downside of wearing contact lenses. Some contacts will only catch impurities without doing something to remove the dirt or dust. Fortunately, this product is totally resistant to pollution and protein deposits from your tear film.

l  Each pack only has two contact lenses to avoid too much waste. That’s even more helpful if the color you picked is far from your expectations after all. Just imagine how wasteful it will be if the box has several pairs and none of them meets your standards.

The Features of AIR OPTIX® COLORS Contact Lenses

Read on to learn more about Lotrafilcon B and the oxygen permeability of the AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses.

Lotrafilcon B

The silicone hydrogel sphere of each lens comprises Lotrafilcon B. This design aims to prevent your eyes from touching anything rough. Its smooth surface is the only side that will touch your eyes.

Blinking with contacts on won’t be uncomfortable anymore. And, amazingly, the quality of the material will remain consistent whether or not your vision is okay.

High Level of Oxygen Permeability

An oxygen permeability rate of Dk / t = 138 is higher than average to ensure that your corneas will be completely oxygenated. This is essential to prevent discomfort and keep your scleras white and bright. It also contributes to the lenses’ resistance from protein deposits.

The Benefits of AIR OPTIX® COLORS Contacts

Allow us to gather all the major advantages of the AIR OPTIX® COLORS lenses in this section. Check out the benefits from previous sections one more time so you can decide ASAP if this product is right for you.

Consistent Moisture

Looking closely into the plasma, the well-designed surface can retain the moisture in the lens to stop the proteins from forming into solid substances. The light yet constant wetness of the lenses can also prevent foreign objects from staying on the surface.

Long-Lasting Natural Color

The quality of each lens may fool people into thinking that the color you’ve always wanted is your actual eye color. Applying the color into the material is an effective way to perfect the natural look as well as preserve its quality for a month. You should stay away from contacts with printed colors on the surface to avoid wasting your money.

All-Day Comfort

As long as your eyes are exposed to oxygen nonstop, you won’t feel any discomfort while wearing contacts. That’s why this product is a must-have for people who are sensitive to irritation. As a plus, since your eyes are protected from dryness, itching, and redness caused by weak oxygen permeability, you’ll look more youthful and alert.

Less Waste

Storing contact lenses every night can be a hassle. However, you won’t have to deal with a pile of discarded contacts, unlike people who prefer daily disposables. And, worse, you might get confused and wear a used pair of lenses. You have the freedom to buy daily-wear contacts over the monthly type, but at least give the latter a chance by choosing this product.

Who should wear AIR OPTIX® COLORS lenses?

The AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses are perfect for performers, participants in beauty pageants, and basically anybody who wants to impress people with their looks. Changing the color of your eyes can boost your appearance and, of course, your confidence.

If you’re planning to temporarily change your eye color to the following options, you won’t be disappointed with this product:

l  blue

l  blue-gray

l  bright blue

l  brown

l  dark green

l  gray

l  green

l  hazel

l  honey

l  purple

l  sapphire

l  turquoise

Specifications of AIR OPTIX COLORS

2 contact lenses per box

l  Type: Colored; monthly

l  Manufacturer: CIBA Vision (ALCON)

l  Diameter: 14.2

l  Maximum positive power: +6.00

l  Maximum negative power: -8.00

l  Curvature: 8.6

l  Variations: Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Turquoise, Honey, Amethyst, Pure Hazel, Brilliant Blue, Gemstone Green, Sterling Gray, True Sapphire

About the Manufacturer

AIR OPTIX® contact lenses are original CIBA Vision products. However, CIBA Vision is now under ALCON, one of the leading eye care companies around the world because of its presence spanning at least seven decades. The partnership between the two companies leads to a wide range of contact lenses for different needs.

Additional Information from Contact Lenses 4 Us

Don’t hesitate to order contact lenses without prescription from Contact Lenses 4 Us. Click that “Add to Cart” button right now, and we will send the AIR OPTIX® COLORS after five days no matter where you are in the world. We don’t keep this product in stock, but we assure you that we import every order directly from the manufacturer to maintain the best quality for each buyer. For more inquiries and concerns, feel free to email us at


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