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Looking for a safe and comfortable way to improve or change your eye colour anytime you want? Then we highly recommend the FreshLook Colors 2 contact lenses. You can buy these contacts without prescription here at Contact Lenses 4 Us.

The FreshLook Colors 2 lenses aren’t your typical coloured contacts. Aside from changing the colour, they can actually modify the appearance of the irises, improving the entire look of tired-looking eyes. You’ll surely have a fun time choosing from the wide variety of interesting options, especially if you’re going to buy multiple colours for different outfits.

You can enjoy all of those advantages whether you have a vision problem or not. That’s because this product comes in different power levels, including the one that’s purely for cosmetic purposes.

In addition, each box contains two contact lenses. These contacts only require bi-weekly or monthly replacement, which can help you save money and reduce waste coming from your household.

Before we delve into the details of the features and benefits of these contact lenses, allow us to give you an idea of their superior quality with the following information:

l  The FreshLook Colors 2 are opaque contact lenses to complement your eyes whether they have a light or dark colour.

l  For a more natural look, these contacts use the 3-in-1 Color Technology.

l  The primary colour can completely change your eye colour.

l  To enhance the shape of your pupils and make your scleras look whiter, each lens has an outer ring.

l  The inner ring brightens the right spots to improve depth.

l  These contact lenses can enhance even the lightest eye colours.

l  The colour will never fade from the lenses.

l  Violet, sapphire blue, misty gray, hazel, green, and blue are the six colour options.

l  These contacts use a soft material with sufficient water content to guarantee all-day comfort.

l  Your pupils will be protected from the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun because of the filters on the lens surfaces.

l  To help you insert and remove these contacts easily, visible indicators are permanently marked on the lenses so you’ll instantly see which side should touch your eyes.

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  • -7,50
  • -6,00
  • -5,50
  • -5,25
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  • 8,6

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The Features of FreshLook Colors 2 Contact Lenses

3-in-1 Color Technology

Since the FreshLook Colors 2 contact lenses are highly recommended for both light and dark eyes, they’re opaque so they can make your eye colour brighter or more interesting to look at. As a plus, the big change on your eyes will look very natural, thanks to the 3-in-1 Color Technology.

Phemfilcon A

Technically a type of soft hydrogel, phemfilcon A is super-comfortable for the eyes. Aside from its heavenly feel, it contains more than 50% water to hydrate your eyes until you’re ready to remove your contact lenses. You won’t feel any dryness at all.

UV Filter

Even though this isn’t the primary feature of these contacts, the lenses can still keep your eyes comfortable no matter how sunny it is outside. The filter can block both UVA and UVB rays from the sun but only within the coverage of the contacts. That’s why you should still wear sunglasses when the sunlight is too harsh.

Inside-Out Indicator

This feature is very helpful, especially for first-time users of contact lenses. To prevent wearing contacts the wrong way, these lenses have indicators. Putting in contact lenses will only take a few seconds with this product.

The Benefits of FreshLook Colors 2 Contacts

Versatile Colour Options

The FreshLook Colors 2 contact lenses have a wide variety of choices to ensure that both dark and light eyes can benefit from their features. That’s the best thing about opaque contacts.

Natural Look

A lot of coloured contact lenses from other brands have unnatural colours, which can actually be an advantage if you’re wearing a costume or imitating a fictional character. However, when it comes to your everyday life, it’s better to wear natural-looking contacts like this product if you don’t want to let other people know you have a different eye colour.

Long-Lasting Colour

The quality of these contact lenses will never be affected by heavy use. Wearing them every single day until the next replacement will remain satisfying as you enjoy your beautiful eyes and get compliments from other people.

Soft and Refreshing

Improving your look, in general, doesn’t have to be painful or uncomfortable. You don’t need to sacrifice comfort just to see a better version of yourself. The same exact idea goes for simply wearing coloured contact lenses.

These contacts will never disappoint as they can significantly make your eyes more attractive and keep them comfortable for hours.

Good for Sunny Days

If you need to go somewhere while the sun is up, you can wear these contact lenses. Their UV filter really helps in protecting the eyes from sunlight. But, don’t rely on it alone. You still need to wear sunglasses.

Easy to Wear

You can wear these contact lenses daily without any hassle. That’s because they have visible indicators. This is perfect if you’re always on the go. You won’t spend so much time handling your contacts anymore.

Who should wear FreshLook Colors 2 lenses?

The following people should consider using the FreshLook Colors 2 contact lenses:

l  Fashion and beauty enthusiasts

l  Office or desk workers

l  Professionals

l  First-time contact lens users

l  Those with sensitive eyes

l  Those with constantly dry eyes

Specifications of FreshLook Colors 2

l  Minimum power: -8.00

l  Maximum power: +6.00

l  Base curve: 8.6

l  Diameter: 14.50

About the Manufacturer

The FreshLook Colors 2 contact lenses are originally manufactured by the company CIBA Vision. However, CIBA Vision is now under ALCON, a world-famous company specializing in eye care. ALCON has been operating for more than 70 years now. The massive experience of both companies leads to a wide variety of lenses.

Additional Information from Contact Lenses 4 Us

Don’t hesitate to order contacts without prescription from Contact Lenses 4 Us! Purchase now and we’ll ship FreshLook Colors 2 contact lenses all the way to your address no matter which country since we deliver worldwide.

If you have inquiries or concerns, feel free to contact us at



Good quality.

So easy to use and I don’t worry and stress anymore about forgetting my spec at home because i can visualise clearly with this contact lenses. I will really recommend it.


    Love gemstone green colour

    Nice & easy to wear, look good when wearing.



      These are the 3rd pair of Freshlook Color lenses I order and I always received my orders perfectly! Fast shipping!!!! Great tracking website!!! Love them!!!

      • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


      My order arrived perfectly, and I got exactly what I wanted. I was skeptical, as I ran out of my prescription, but I was pleasantly surprised. I will be ordering again.

      • 3 out of 4 people found this review useful.


      My order arrived perfectly, and I got exactly what I wanted. I was skeptical, as I ran out of my prescription, but I was pleasantly surprised. I will be ordering again.

      • 3 out of 3 people found this review useful.

      Beautiful look!

      I love these lenses. I need contacts and have always used the daily disposable ones. When I saw the colored ones, I thought, why not? I got my first pack and I fell in love. Not only are they comfortable and affordable but they look great! I tried the sapphire blue first because they look like quite a natural color. Well, let me tell you, I got so many compliments on how beautiful my eyes are, my confidence soared. I have now tried all the colors and it’s been fun to be able to switch it up from one day to the next. It’s such a small price to pay for the burst of self-esteem. I have got all my colleagues hooked as well and we all wear them now. My favourite is the blue. It’s so vivid and makes my eyes look amazing. I will continue to wear these because they are comfortable and look great and I will continue to order them from you!

      • 3 out of 4 people found this review useful.

      colored contacts

      Love the colour lenses. Thank you for the quick delivery.

      • 3 out of 4 people found this review useful.

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      Freshlook Colors 2 contact lenses

      Freshlook Colors 2 contact lenses

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