FreshLook Colorblends 2 contact lenses

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FreshLook ColorBlends, crafted by Alcon Vision Care, are monthly colored contacts providing comfort, style, and diverse looks. Available in 12 shades including Amethyst and Brilliant Blue, they're easy to switch for a quick makeover. The contact’s high oxygen permeability ensures comfort by preventing dryness and the 3-in-1 technology blends three colors into one for a natural look. FreshLook ColorBlends also includes a user-friendly page maker aid for easy application. Each package offers two lenses for 1-2 months, making FreshLook ColorBlends a versatile and convenient choice

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  • 8,6
  • Sterling Grey
  • Gemstone Green
  • Brilliant Blue
  • True Sapphire
  • Pure Hazel
  • Turquoise
  • Honey
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Amethyst

More info

FreshLook Color Blends

FreshLook ColorBlends are monthly contacts designed by Alcon Vision Care to cater to those who seek colored lenses for comfort, style, and look diversity. With these colored contacts, users can switch up their look quickly and seamlessly. Users can pick from the colors Amethyst, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Honey, Pure Hazel, True Saphire, Turquoise, Brilliant Blue, Sterling Gray, and Gemstone Green.

FreshLook ColorBlends are comfortable to use because of their high oxygen permeability. This property ensures that the lens does not irritate dryness throughout the day. Also, FreshLook ColorBlends contains 3-in-1 technology that leaves three colors blended into one for a deep, intense, and natural color.

Thanks to the FreshLook ColorBlends page maker facilitating the application, first-time users can easily apply the contacts without mixing them up or putting one in the wrong eye. To top it all, Alcon Vision Care designed FreshLook ColorBlends with UV filters that help protect the cornea from the harshness of the sun’s rays.

FreshLook ColorBlends also contains corrective properties that help treat myopia and far-sightedness. In one package of FreshLook ColorBlends monthly contact lenses, two pieces of contact lenses can be used for 1-2 months.

Key FreshLook ColorBlends Features

  •        Colored Contact Lenses: FreshLook ColorBlends monthly contacts are created to help diversify your eye color for a fresh look. Alcon Vision Care designed the contacts with a dozen different light and dark colors.
  •        Corrective Properties: The FreshLook ColorBlends also has vision correction properties that help treat short-sightedness and farsightedness. With a water content of 55%, the lens also helps those with dry eyes.
  •        UV Filters: Enriched with quality filters, FreshLook ColorBlends protects the eye from the sun’s radiation throughout the day, hence eliminating eye fatigue, redness, and dryness.
  •        Page Marker Facilitating Application: This technology helps first-time contact lens wearers easily apply the contact lenses.

Additional Information

  •       BRAND: FreshLook Lenses
  •       MANUFACTURER: Alcon Vision Care
  •       LENSES IN BOX: 2 monthly contact lenses in a box
  •       COLORS: Amethyst, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Honey, Pure Hazel, True Saphire, Turquoise, Brilliant Blue, Sterling Gray, and Gemstone Green
  •       WATER CONTENT: 55%
  •       WEARING TIME: Can be worn for 24 hours but must be removed, cleaned, and stored every night.
  •       LENS TYPE: Monthly Colored Lenses

FreshLook ColorBlends Are Best For

  •       Those who want a different eye color.
  •       First-time contact lens wearers
  •       Those with dry eyes and a love for colored lenses.
  •       Makeup artists, actors, artists, and other creatives who need to change eye color frequently.
  •       Those with far-sightedness and shortsightedness, who want to get treated in style.

About the Brand

Alcon is a broad, multinational eye care company that provides innovative vision products that enhance everyone's quality of life by helping people see more clearly. Alcon Vision Care brand produces numerous products, including eye drops, glasses, and contact lenses.

Can I Shop FreshLook ColorBlends Without Prescription?

Yes, you can order the FreshLook ColorBlends without a prescription. But if you are to get the specialized lenses for your eye’s needs, you’ll need to know your prescription.



Change your eye colour

FreshLook Colorblends 2 are excellent and easy-to-wear contacts. They look good when worn but can be challenging to put in your eye owing to their thinness. However, I'd rebuy them in a different color. These contacts have a lovely, subtle color. Excellent connections. Simple to insert and remove. The gray color was relatively quiet and natural in appearance. I enjoyed them and would recommend them. I'm excited to try another color next time. It's so simple to use, and I no longer have to worry about leaving my specs at home because I can see perfectly with these contact lenses. I thoroughly recommend it. I've been wearing contacts my entire life and used to have standard contact lenses, so I decided to check if I could get other contacts. This shop let me buy them—excellent service and delivery. My new color blends make me feel gorgeous and light up my face. Pure hazel is truly my actual color. Even if you have dark eyes, the color looks great on you. Sterling gray and pure hazel are my particular favorites. I've been wearing Freshlook Colorblends 2 for a long time. I've been using these for years because they're stylish and functional. The contact lenses have become an extension of myself. I'm pleased with the result. This company is the best online contact lens store. Thank you for your outstanding service


    Perfect in all aspects

    I love these contact lenses - they're very comfortable for a long time. Colours are nice, and they're a great price


      Fashion statement

      My friend was getting married and her bridesmaids all wore cobalt blue dresses. The bride had them all wear the bright blue contact lenses to match and it looked great. The wedding party got so many comments and compliments about it. The photographer raved about how effective the photos looked and it was such a clever touch that I have never seen before. They all had dark hair and the blue eyes really stood out. She had a pair left over and when she got back from her honeymoon she let me have them to try. I was absolutely shocked at how great my eyes looked. She said she got them from here so I can’t wait to try them in other colors. My only problem now is selecting another color. You have so many to choose from that I might need to buy one box of each. I don’t have vision problems but I want to wear them anyway. I can’t wait until they arrive!

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      Looks very natural...

      Hi, I originally tried colour contacts because I have very pale blue eyes that don’t suit my dark features. I really wanted brown eyes so I tried out other coloured lenses. They were better than my blue eyes but everyone could guess I was wearing contact lenses because the brown didn’t look very natural. I saw the FreshLook colorblends 2 on here and it said they have a color blending technology. I didn’t hold out much hope but I tried them anyway. I am overjoyed. The color looks totally natural and no one ever notices that they are contacts. I have so much more confidence and love my new brown eyes. Ordering from here has been painfree for me too! They’re dependable and I get the product on time and without damage. You have one very happy customer and I will be ordering again and again. Thank you!

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      FreshLook Colorblends 2 contact lenses

      FreshLook Colorblends 2 contact lenses

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