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Contact lens wearers who opt for daily colored disposable contacts should consider Freshlook One Day contact lenses. Made by CIBA Vision, it allows you to change your eye color as you please!  Suitable for both light and dark colored eyes. Comes in Pure Hazel, Green, Blue and Gray

10 lenses per box

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  • -6,00
  • -5,75
  • -5,50
  • -5,25
  • -5,00
  • -4,75
  • -4,50
  • -4,25
  • -4,00
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  • -1,75
  • -1,50
  • -1,25
  • -1,00
  • -0,75
  • -0,50
  • Select
  • Pure Hazel
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Blue

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Get a fresh look daily with these disposable colored contact lenses. By choosing Freshlook One Day contact lenses instead of regular prescription contacts, you can get rid of the hassle of worrying about solutions and contact lens cases.  What's great about this product is that you can have a different eye color every day if you choose!  With Freshlook One Day contact lenses, you are taking care of your eyesight and having fun too!

Are FreshLook One Day lenses safe?

Yes, the FreshLook One Day lenses are safe to use, providing complete comfort and safety thanks to the high-quality material Nelfilcon A and a one-time use, which eliminates the need for cleaning and storage.

For what sight defects FreshLook One Day are?

FreshLook One Day are designed to correct myopia, which means they are ideal for people with long-term vision problems.

How to choose FreshLook One Day lenses?

FreshLook One Day are available in a package of 10 pieces, allowing for comfortable use for a period of 10 days. They can be selected independently based on product parameters such as power and curvature, taking into account their additional characteristics, i.e. color variants: blue, gray, green and beer. You can also consult an optometrist to accurately assess your visual needs and match your lenses.

How to wear FreshLook One Day lenses?

FreshLook One Day lenses are quick and easy to put on. Before placing the lens on the eye, you should thoroughly wash and dry your hands. Then, gently grab the lens on the index finger, checking if it is not reversed. Then it is enough to gently stretch the eyelids and place the lens in the middle of the eye.

How to remove FreshLook One Day lenses?

Removing FreshLook One Day lenses is also easy. Just gently pull the lower eyelid and look up, so that the lens moves to the eyeball. Then gently grab the lens with your thumb and index finger and remove it from the eye.




Excellent and reliable service.


    Great colours

    Brilliant, love these lenses the colour is noticeable but subtle! My favourites!


      Pure HAzel

      These contacts looks so natural I love them

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        Freshlook One Day contact lenses

        Freshlook One Day contact lenses

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