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When you shop for CooperVision contact lenses, it won’t matter whether you just need a simple eye correction or a full-on treatment to astigmatism. CooperVision has a wide variety of contacts for different needs.

Also, when you choose our store, you can buy any set of contacts without a prescription. We’ll ship your purchase no matter where you are in the world. Customer satisfaction is our guarantee, so don’t hesitate to order from us.

Before you click that “Add to Cart” button, we want to make sure you’ll select the right CooperVision product for your specific needs. That’s why we’re going to explain more about the manufacturer, especially the details on its product line.

The Purpose of CooperVision Contact Lenses

What exactly can you expect from the premium brands of CooperVision? Find out why this company has some of the best contact lenses.

CooperVision contacts can maintain healthy eyes.

You can easily identify a healthy pair of eyes. If they appear bright and clear, it’s safe to say they’re well taken care of.

One way to ensure that you’ll have healthier eyes is by increasing oxygen transmission. That’s crucial when you buy contact lenses because some of them can limit the flow of oxygen.

Once you get red eyes when you wear a particular set of lenses, remove the contacts immediately. Instead, consider using some CooperVision contacts to give the white sections of your eyes a pure look. That’s a guarantee even if you’ll use them every single day.

CooperVision lenses are very comfortable.

Contact lenses from this manufacturer may use different designs, but the goal is still the same -- long-lasting moisture.

For starters, we have the Aquaform technology, the design responsible for the all-day moisture and higher oxygen permeability of some products. It can stop your eyes from getting tired after a long day, especially when you’re using a computer for several hours.

More about Aquaform, it doesn’t contain harmful substances like coatings, additives, and artificial wetting agents. It makes a contact lens pure and natural.

In addition, some CooperVision contacts use the Digital Zone Optical technology. It will protect you from the strain of shifting your eyes on and off the computer screen.

Meanwhile, PC technology also promotes superior moisture, but it has a more special advantage. It aims for a smoother contact between your eyelid and the lens’s surface. It can prevent the rough feeling you get from ordinary contacts as if there’s sand in your eyes.

As for the material used, CooperVision contact lenses generally use silicone hydrogel. They’re soft but excellent in locking water to retain moisture.

Some CooperVision contacts are for monthly use.

If you think discarding contact lenses daily is wasteful, CooperVision offers some monthly sets. These contacts can be worn at least 14 days up to a month before replacement.

The 14- to 30-day range is based on the preference of people to either wear the contacts 24/7 or remove them before bedtime. The duration is shorter if you use the lenses nonstop.

Some CooperVision contacts are daily disposables.

When you see a CooperVision product being labeled as “1 Day”, you’re looking at a set of disposable contacts. You may think that they’re wasteful, but these lenses are still environment-friendly. They’re made of natural materials. Besides, they come in packs of 30 at affordable prices. You really can’t say that you’ll spend more money if you prefer disposable lenses.

The best part about one-day contact lenses is the fresh feeling you’ll get when you wear a brand-new pair. You can experience that every morning with CooperVision disposables.

And, of course, disposable contact lenses are more convenient. You don’t have to soak them in a solution every night. Rest assured there’s zero maintenance with this type of product.

CooperVision lenses come in different power levels.

Not everybody has the same degree of vision problem. Some only need a slight correction while others can only improve their vision with stronger lenses.

CooperVision offers a wide range of power levels. What’s left for you to do is choose the right one before you add a set to your cart.

Despite the freedom to buy contact lenses here without a prescription, we still recommend a quick visit to a specialist so you’ll know the exact power needed for your eyes.

Who should use CooperVision contacts?

If you’re always in front of your desktop or laptop for work or play, don’t take your eyes for granted just because you can still see clearly. You need to protect them from the long-term effects of strain.

One solution is to wear anti-radiation glasses. The other is to wear CooperVision contact lenses for consistent moisture.

It turns out that extreme dryness in your eyes is one of the factors why desk work has such a bad rep. With the harsh light from computers plus the dry cold from the AC, no wonder office workers feel tired despite sitting most of the time.

Other than enforcing a healthier lifestyle, desk workers should also wear moisturizing contacts to feel energized even after an eight-hour shift.

Meanwhile, with the aspherical form of some CooperVision contacts, they’re beneficial for people with presbyopia, astigmatism, farsightedness, nearsightedness, and other similar eye problems.

Even people who have issues with their tear film will have a good time with the moisture-locking properties of these contact lenses.

The Products of CooperVision

Just in case you’ll have a hard time later choosing one set of CooperVision contact lenses, allow us to highlight some specific benefits from each product.

Avaira: Extra flexible for 100% pain-free use and can absorb UV rays for up to 99% to protect your eyes from intense sunlight

l  Biofinity (Available in 3-piece and 6-piece sets): Increases flow of oxygen into your corneas and helps farsighted or nearsighted people to see better

Biofinity Energys: Designed for eyes that are always exposed to the bright screens of smartphones and computers

Biomedics 1 Day Extra: Ensures comfort by having a well-designed base curve, an important feature for first-time users of contact lenses

Frequency 55 Aspheric: Boosts comfort, focus range, and low-light contrast sensitivity with its thinner edge

Proclear 1 Day: Uses PC Hydrogel to maintain comfort even when you’re blinking

The one stop to get Cooper Vision contacts without prescription.

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Whether it is contacts for astigmatism or the regular eye correction, we have it all together under one roof. If you have been running around in circles looking for a reliable place to buy contacts without prescription, then you are just at the right place.

We ship all-over the world,without any hidden charges

When you choose to buy contacts without prescription from us, you can be certain of one thing – there will be no hidden charges or terms and conditions. Your satisfaction is what we thrive for, and that’s what you will get once you will order contacts without prescription form us. So, are you ready to order?

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