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Avaira 3 contact lenses

Manufacturer CooperVision



Keep your eyes healthy and clear with the Avaira 3 Contact Lenses. It's a monthy disposal lens designed to be used for 14 or 30 days. The lens material is made with the exclusive Aquaform Comfort Science Technology which allows the lens to stay moistened and transmit healthy amounts of oxygen to the eyes. Presented by Cooper Vision.

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  • -12
  • -11,50
  • -11
  • -10,50
  • -10,00
  • -9,50
  • -9,00
  • -8,50
  • -8,00
  • -7,50
  • -7,00
  • -6,50
  • -6,00
  • -5,75
  • -5,50
  • -5,25
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  • -0,75
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  • 8,5

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Gone are the days when contact lenses were inconvenient and uncomfortable. The new technological improvements and improved material applied to the making of the Avaira 3 contact lens, makes wearing them totally painless. The unique Aquafform Comfort Scienec Technology allows water to bind to the lens so you won't need to use wetting agents. This feature allows your eyes to breathe better and be healthier. It also makes the lens softer and more flexible for maximum comfort. The Avaira absorbs up to 75% of UVA and 99% of UVB rays. Should be replaced every 30 or 14 days. 

Base curve 8.50 is only available for lenses in "-" Power  

 Base curve 8.40 is only available for lenses in "+" Power

Manufacturer: Coopervision
Lens Type: Monthly or two-week replacement silicone hydrogel lenses (wearing time depends on the recommendation by your eyecare specialist).
Package Details: 3 Lenses immersed in buffered saline solution.
Tinted (this helps you find the lens): Yes
UV blocking: Yes
Material and % of content: 54% Enfilcon A
Water % of content: 46%



Very good.

I have gone back to these lenses after trying some others because these are the most comfortable wish they were not as expensive.



    I have been using this brand of lenses for sometime now and after hearing how much trouble my sister was having with hers I thought I should recommend these to her and also write a review while I’m here. I have tried daily disposable lenses and I wasn’t entirely pleased with them, although this was quite a while ago so I’m sure they have improved. When I found Avaira 3 Contact lenses I was immediately impressed. They are so comfortable and don’t require any wetting agents like my previous ones. I don’t even know I’m wearing them because they are so comfortable. I like that they are tinted as well so I can find them easier when I am trying to put them in. I use a new pair about every 30 days which makes them great value. My sister has just ordered her first pack and I am willing to bet that she will be as impressed as I am. This is my 2nd order on your site and I must say that I have no complaints about your service. I get my products on time!

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    Avaira 3 contact lenses

    Avaira 3 contact lenses

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