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Proclear 1 Day Contacts

Manufacturer CooperVision



Proclear 1 Day Contacts, made by Cooper Vision keeps you from getting that gritty, sandy feeling in your eye. The PC technology employed in its manufacture makes the lens superiorly moist and prevents dryness which is the problem of most contact lens wearers. It's disposable and keep you from the hassle of caring for your lenses. Wear a fresh one every day!

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The Proclear 1 Day contacts is made from a material called PC Hydrogel. They allow the lens to retain its water molecules making the lenses moist and comfortable to wear, like it's not even there! It offers people with vision problems a comfortable, cost saving and hassle free solution. The superior moisturizing feature wil assure you of healthy eyes free from dryness and irritation. Crisp and clear vision has never been easier to attain.

Lenses Per Box: 30



Great contacts

I find Proclear to be the best contact lens for long-term wear. They are hydrating lenses that don't dry out, making them my top pick. Even after trying other lenses, Proclear remains my favorite. They provide all-day comfort and moisture, essential for my sensitive eyes. As a carpenter, I work in a dusty and heated environment, but Proclear helps me avoid dry eyes. I cannot wear just any type of contact lenses. Despite trying other brands, including some that were more expensive, I have found that the Proclear 1 Day lenses are incredibly comfortable, even for extended periods. They are also cheaply priced, which I strongly recommend. These contact lenses are of high quality and have a slim design that doesn't hinder vision. As someone who suffers from dry eyes, I experimented with a cheaper brand before returning to these lenses. They are the best I've tried and come highly recommended with no noticeable flaws. These Dailies contacts are top-notch and never cause my eyes to dry out. I am grateful for their effectiveness. Even when worn for long periods, I had no issues wearing them for up to 12 hours daily. My eyes didn't feel tired or achy after use, which satisfied me.


    Wonderful product

    They are the most comfortable lens I have ever used.


      Simply the best.

      Always great and suit my eyes perfectly.


        Perfect for me

        Loved them! Best lens I’ve had.


          Comfy and easy to use

          Very comfortable, love these contacts. I can see well and they last well. Have worn this brand for years and years. Happy with it. Would recommend.



            I've been completely happy with these lenses for many years and my optician agrees. My eye health is still excellent at 60 so I would recommend them even if you can buy cheaper lenses.


              Good decision to swtich

              I switched from my usual brand to the Proclear 1 day contacts about 2 months ago. I am so glad that I did. I had been experiencing a dry, scratchy feeling in my eyes since I began wearing contacts. Over the last 12 months it was getting progressively worse. I thought I would give these a shot because they are supposed to have superior moisture technology. I am really glad I did. I was not disappointed. Not only can I now wear them all day without dry eyes but I hardly ever need eye drops anymore. I was going through so much of it before, but now my eyes feel moist and comfortable. It doesn’t feel like I am even wearing contacts. This is such a marvelous product and I want to thank you for offering such high quality contact lenses. I never had a problem ordering from here. It’s been a wonderful experience for me. Keep up the great service!

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              Proclear 1 Day Contacts

              Proclear 1 Day Contacts

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