Soflens Daily Disposable Contact lenses (30) View larger

Soflens Daily Disposable Contact lenses (30)

Manufacturer Bausch and Lomb - Biofinity



The Softlens Daily Disposable Contact Lenses from  Bausch & Lomb is disposable and designed for night time use. It delivers crisp and clear vision expecially in low light conditions. Comfort Moist technology makes it comfortable to wear and keeps your eyes free from irritations.

30 lenses per box

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Aspheric Optics is the main feature of the Soflens Daily Disposable contact lenses from Bausch & Lomb. The popular maker of prescription and sunglasses. With this technology, contrasts are enhanced in low light conditions making it suitabe for night wear. Never worry about maintaining your regular prescription lenses which can consume your time and save up on the costs of lens solutions with these disposal contact lenses. Wear a fresh pair every day!

For what vision defects SofLens Daily Disposable are?

SofLens Daily Disposable lenses are designed for the correction of vision defects such as myopia and long-sightedness, thanks to their type of spherical correction.

How to choose SofLens Daily Disposable lenses 30 pcs?

SofLens Daily Disposable lenses are available in packages containing 30 pieces, ensuring convenience and long-term use of the product. They can be selected both independently based on the parameters of the product, and with the help of an optometrist, who will help to choose the appropriate strength and curvature of the lens. In addition, these lenses feature a high level of hydration of 59%, which translates into comfortable wear throughout the day.

How to wear SofLens Daily Disposable lenses?

SofLens Daily Disposable lenses are easy and fast to put on. Wash and dry your hands, then gently place the lens on the fingernails of the index and middle fingers, then hold the eyelids and gently put the lenses on the eye.

Are SofLens Daily Disposable lenses safe?

Yes, SofLens Daily Disposable lenses are safe to use, especially because of their replacement mode, which requires daily replacement. This minimizes the risk of infection and irritation, making them suitable even for people with sensitive eyes.

How to remove SofLens Daily Disposable lenses?

Removing SofLens Daily Disposable lenses is also easy and safe. After washing and drying your hands, gently pull the lower eyelid down and gently remove the lens with the middle and pointing finger.



No more squinting!!

I don’t usually leave reviews for products or services but I couldn’t resist this time. I found this site and decided to try the service. The one I used before would be so delayed and I end up staying at home waiting for my contacts! I know it’s my fault for waiting so long to order, but I appreciate a retailer who delivers on time like they say! I browsed the site and found the Softlens Daily and decided to change my usual brand. I am so pleased with these contact lenses. They are disposable so they are so much quicker to use and there is no lens after care. My main pleasure comes from the fact that I have suffered headaches for years. My doctor said they are strain headaches from squinting. I have had this problem for as long as I can remember, even when I wore glasses. I have started using these contacts and everything seems so much clearer and there is no more glare. No glare equals no more squinting which equals no more headaches. At last! I am pain free and so grateful I needed to share my experience.

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Soflens Daily Disposable Contact lenses (30)

Soflens Daily Disposable Contact lenses (30)

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