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Soflens 38 contact lenses

Manufacturer Bausch and Lomb - Biofinity



Can’t stand wearing the same contact lenses all day for a month? You’re probably dealing with the visual quality getting worse until the replacement schedule. However, maybe you’re just using the wrong contacts. You need products like the SofLens 38, which can effectively resist protein deposits from your eyes. You can buy those contacts without prescription here at Contact Lenses 4 Us.

Protein deposits are absolutely normal. You can’t stop them from existing as long as your eyes have tear films. They only become a hassle if they keep on building up around your contact lenses. Fortunately, the material of the SofLens 38 can effortlessly resist the buildup, keeping your vision clear.

More importantly, the SofLens 38 can be used for correcting hyperopia and myopia. Those conditions are commonly known as farsightedness and nearsightedness respectively.

As a plus, this product is user-friendly, making it a good option for first-time contact lens wearers. It has an indicator to let you know whether the lens is inside-out or not. It also includes a tint so you can easily see the lens despite its crystal clear material.

When it comes to the number of lenses per box, these contacts only come in six pieces. However, this is already more than enough for month-long use.

Before we discuss the features and benefits of these contacts in a more detailed way, check out this list of information so you’ll know exactly what to expect from start to finish:

l  The SofLens 38 is protein-resistant so your vision stays perfectly clear until you’re ready to remove the lenses before you go to sleep.

l  With its wide range of power levels and base curve options, these contact lenses can correct hyperopia and myopia.

l  To help you in handling these contacts effortlessly, permanent indicators are visibly marked on the material so you’ll quickly notice which side should serve as the surface and which side should have direct contact with your eyes.

l  Despite their transparent look, you’ll clearly see a subtle tint all over these lenses. The tint makes them more visible without changing the color of your eyes.

l  Each lens should only be replaced once a month in normal circumstances. However, you can use it every single day and just store it for the night.

l  The polymacon material of these contact lenses is extremely thin for maximum comfort. Don’t worry; it’s extremely durable as well since it’s a type of polymer.

l  Wondering why it’s “SofLens 38”? The number 38 represents the 38% water content of each lens.

The Features of SofLens 38 Contact Lenses

Polymacon Material

Since the main characteristic of polymacon is its molecular attraction to water or hydrophilia, it’s one of the best materials for soft contacts. It’s technically a 2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate (HEMA) polymer combined with 62% ethylene glycol dimethacrylate and 38% water.

Polymer defines the structure of the lenses while ethylene glycol dimethacrylate ensures foolproof cross-linking. Meanwhile, the water content is crucial to allow oxygen transmission from the material to your eye, which is a must for comfort.

38% Water

Why does it have to be 38%? Knowing that soft lenses can contain more than 70% water, isn’t it better to have higher water content to ensure higher oxygen permeability?

It turns out that contacts containing more water are quite risky for your eye health despite the higher amount of oxygen they allow. The 38% standard is widely considered to be the safest.

How is it possible that more water in your lenses can actually dry your eyes? Once the water content reaches the 60% mark, the material is more likely to absorb more moisture since it’s hydrophilic properties are more intense. That includes absorbing the natural moisture from your eyes. The result? The moist one isn’t your eyes anymore but the lens itself, which isn’t beneficial at all.

On the bright side, you only have to worry about that if you have dry eye syndrome. It’s best to consult a specialist first because you might need higher water content after all.

Inside-Out Indicator

This feature is either marked with numbers or letters. Commonly referred to as the 1-2-3 indicator, the tiny yet visible digits should appear together normally on one side. If they appear reversed, right-to-left, or upside-down, then that’s the sign that the lens is inside-out.

The numbers are marked by a laser, meaning they won’t ever fade. Just a little reminder, though: they’re only marked on one side so you have to rotate the lens if you can’t find them at first.

Blue Tint

With only 100 parts per million (PPM) of tint, these contact lenses won’t alter the natural appearance of your eyes. The tint is solely for handling purposes, preventing you from losing or damaging contacts most of the time.

The tint used is called Reactive Blue Dye 246. It’s in the polymer material itself, hence the subtle yet long-lasting effect.

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  • -9,00
  • -8,50
  • -8,00
  • -7,50
  • -7,00
  • -6,50
  • -6,00
  • -5,50
  • -5,00
  • -4,75
  • -4,50
  • -4,25
  • -4,00
  • -3,75
  • -3,50
  • -3,25
  • -3,00
  • -2,75
  • -2,50
  • -2,25
  • -2,00
  • -1,75
  • -1,50
  • -1,25
  • -1,00
  • -0,75
  • -0,50
  • Select
  • 8,4
  • 8,7

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The Benefits of SofLens 38 Contacts


Aside from the hydrophilic properties of the polymacon material, its surface won’t retain eye proteins building up. That’s why it will never turn opaque no matter how many hours you’re going to wear these contact lenses. Expect clear vision all day.

No Room for Mistakes

As long as you ensure even the tiniest bit of focus every time you put each lens in your eye, you’ll never place it incorrectly because of the inside-out indicator. Correct insertion is highly important to guarantee the perfect fit, which is essential for comfort.


It’s amazing how these contact lenses appear so visible when you look at them yet so clear once they’re in your eyes. The visibility tint will just help you see the lenses during the cleaning, storage, and insertion process.

Who should wear SofLens 38 lenses?

Based on what we’ve discussed so far, these people should think about using the SofLens 38 contacts:

l  Hyperopia and myopia sufferers

l  First-time contact lens users

l  Those who are busy or always in a hurry

l  Those with dry eye syndrome

Specifications of SofLens 38

l  Minimum power: -9.00

l  Maximum power: +4.00

l  Package details: immersed in buffered saline solution

l  6 contact lenses per box

About the Manufacturer

Bausch + Lomb is a world-famous company that’s best known for its contact lenses, pharmaceuticals, and other eye health products. It has been innovating different products for at least 165 years already.



The best lenses for my eyes

Soflens 38 are fantastic! They are of superior quality and designed to be thin and discreet, making them incredibly comfortable. As someone who has tried countless other brands due to dry eyes, I can confidently say that these lenses are the best performers I've ever used. They don't have any noticeable flaws, and I'm highly grateful to them. I've worn these Soflens 38 contacts for 12-14 hours daily with zero issues. They never cause any discomfort or fatigue, which is a huge relief. I can't believe how comfortable they are! They're perfect for anyone with dry eyes and have exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend these contact lenses to everyone! They're perfect for daily use and great for vacations as an alternative to monthly lenses. They fit perfectly, provide excellent vision, and are worth the investment. I buy them every time without hesitation.


    Super comfy lenses

    These contact lenses are unique! They are not only of good quality. Soflens 38 have also reasonably priced. These contacts are also thin and invisible, making them pleasant to wear. As someone who has tried different kinds due to dry eyes, I can confidently state that these lenses are the finest performance I've ever worn. They have no noticeable defects, and I am grateful for them. I've used these Soflens 38 contacts for a few hours daily and have had no problems. They always make me feel comfortable and energized a great relief. In addition, I can't believe how cozy these are! They're ideal for anyone who suffers from dry eyes and has exceeded my expectations.


      First class lenses

      These contact lenses are of high quality and are designed to be thin and discreet when worn. As someone who suffers from dry eyes, I've tried a lot of other brands. I confidently state that these are the best-performing lenses I've ever used, and I highly recommend them. These contacts have no noticeable flaws. Soflens 38 contacts are pleasant and never cause my eyes to dry up. They are perfect for dry eyes, and I am incredibly grateful. I've worn them for 10 hours a day with no issues, and they do not cause discomfort or fatigue. Overall, contact lenses have exceeded my expectations, and I'm delighted. These Soflens 38 lenses are excellent! They're incredibly comfortable; I can't believe it. I've tried others that dried out after falling asleep for an hour, but these remain comfy. I highly recommend them to everyone. They're a high-quality daily disposable lens perfect for vacations as an alternative to monthly lenses. They fit perfectly and provide excellent vision and comfort. They're worth the money, and I always buy them.

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        Soflens 38 contact lenses

        Soflens 38 contact lenses

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