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1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST without a prescription

Manufacturer Johnson and Johnson



1-Day Acuvue Moist Contacts are available without doctor prescription

The 1-Day Acuvue Moist Contacts are designed to be worn comfortably the whole day and disposed when you go to sleep. These disposable lenses feature Lacreon technology for comfort. The contact lens has built in moisture which acts like natural tears.

Daily disposable contact lenses that is easy to use

Acuvue moist daily disposable contact lenses are designed using special technology that keeps the contact lenses moist for the entire day. This gives your eyes the comfort they deserve, without letting you feel that you are wearing contact lenses. The LACERON technology helps in locking the moisture in the contact lenses, providing you comfort – all day long!

Keep your eyes clean, clear and healthy

Acuvue moist contact lenses have been created understanding the needs of keeping your eye healthy while using contact lenses.  Not only does it protect the moisture, but at the same time is also helps fight against the harmful UV rays as well. So, your eyes are going to be safe from all the harmful impacts of the surrounding atmospheric conditions with these daily disposable contact lenses.

Get them without any prescription right now!

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More info

Manufactured by Johnson and Johnson, the 1-Day Acuvue Moist contact lenses is more comfortable than other products in its category. The state-of-the-art exclusive Lacreon technology keeps the lens and your eyes moisturized all day long. With its 58% water content, the Acuvue Moist contact lenses helps your eyes stay fresh throughout the day.  It offers 78% UVA protection and 95% blocking of UVB rays. This product offers a wealth of convenience and solutions for a very affordable price. The best part? It's hassle-free. Just grab a fresh pair every day and throw them away when you sleep.This product is the ultimate solution to clearer vision.This product is the ultimate solution to clearer vision.Every time you blink, your eyes are moisturized, keeping it from getting dry. Every time you blink, your eyes are moisturized, keeping it from getting dry. This product is the ultimate solution to clearer vision

Just place your order and we will deliver these contacts without any prescription right at your doorstep! So, what are you waiting for? Place your order now, and get rid of those spectacles that have been bothering your personality.

Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson
Lens Type: Daily disposable soft contact lenses
Package Details: 30 lenses immersed in buffered saline solution.
Tinted (this helps you find the lens): Yes
UV blocking: Yes
Material and % of content: 42% polymer (etafilcon A)
Water % of content: 58%

For what vision defect 1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST?

1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST lenses are designed for the correction of myopia or far-sightedness, thanks to their type of spherical correction. They offer clear vision and comfort to wear throughout the day, thanks to their one-day replacement mode.

How to choose 1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST 30 pcs lenses?

1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST lenses are available in a package of 30 pieces, ensuring user convenience and long-term delivery. You can choose the lenses yourself, using the parameters given, or consult an optometrist who will help to choose the correct lens strength and curvature to your needs.

Are 1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST lenses safe?

Yes, 1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST lenses are safe to use when used according to the manufacturer's instructions and properlyined. Their high quality of manufacture and the materials used in the production ensure comfort and safety for your eyes.

How to remove 1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST lenses?

To remove 1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST lenses, wash and dry your hands again. Then it is enough to gently pull the lower eyelid down, and then looking up, gently grab the lens with your fingers and remove it from the eye. Remember that one-day lenses do not require care or storage, they should simply be discarded after use.

How to wear 1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST lenses?

1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST lenses are easy to put on. Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before application. Then place the lens on the fingers, check if it is not reversed, and then gently place it in the center of the eye. After placing the lens, gently blink to help it reach the right position.




An excellent daily disposable lenses. Comfortable lenses that I can wear all day


    Never any problems

    These are the comfiest lenses I’ve used.


      Very good and comfortable lenses

      Extremely comfortable!! From the moment you put them in, you do not feel anything when you wear them. Absolutely worth it, for anyone who search for an uncompromising daily lenses.



        Very comfortable lenses and easy to put in and take out. happy with the lcontact enses and the service provided by contactlenses4us

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          1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST without a prescription

          1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST without a prescription

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