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Proclear Sphere 6 contact lenses

Manufacturer CooperVision



Proclear Sphere is a monthly contact lens created by Cooper Vision to treat multiple eye challenges, including dry eye, eye irritability, redness, short-sightedness, and far-sightedness. Proclear Sphereis comfortable for the eye due to the Omafilcon B material that helps it perfectly hug the cornea with a soft cushioning. In addition, Proclear Sphere allows for her oxygen permeability, eradicating eye fatigue and dryness. You’ll need a pack of Proclear Sphere for six months

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More info

Proclear Sphere

Proclear Sphereare monthly spherical lenses created by one of the most popular contact lens manufacturers—Cooper Vision. Designed to correct both myopia and hyperopia, the contact lens is also curated to treat dry eye syndrome. Very comfortable and easy to wear, Proclear Spherelenses provide its user with very clear and sharp vision throughout the day.

Cooper Vision created Proclear Spherewith the infusion of multiple advanced technologies, which makes it stand out from other monthly contacts. The contact lenses consist of Omafilcon B material which is responsible for the highest level of comfortable lens use. With the help of the material, the eye feels cushioned and moisturized throughout the day. Proclear Spherelenses also include PC Technology responsible for the long-lasting binding of water that keeps the eye resistant to drying.

Those concerned about dry eye, redness, or eye irritation can rest assured that Proclear Spherelenses have very high oxygen permeability, which helps to avert these effects regardless of how long the lens is worn.

In one package of Proclear Sphere™ 6, there are six pieces of monthly contacts to be used for a duration of three months.

Key Proclear Sphere Features

  •  Monthly Contact Lenses: A single pack of Proclear Spherelenses contains a long-term           supply of six lenses for three months use. This way, users can worry less about refilling.
  •  Vision Correction: The Proclear Spherealso aids the treatment of dry eyes, eye irritability, eye redness, myopia and hyperopia for sharper and clearer vision.
  •   High Oxygen Permeability: With the help of multiple advanced technology, the contacts guarantees the cornea constant access to oxygen, which aids eye health, reduces eye fatigue and promotes eye moisture.

Additional Information

  •       BRAND: Proclear
  •       MANUFACTURER: Cooper Vision
  •       LENSES IN BOX: 6 monthly contact lenses in a box
  •       WATER CONTENT: 62%
  •       WEARING TIME: 24 Hours to be removed, cleaned, and stored at night.
  •       LENS TYPE: Monthly Vision Correction Lenses

Proclear Sphere Are Best For

  •       Those who have far-sightedness (hyperopia) or near-sightedness (myopia)
  •       Those struggling with dry eyes, sensitive eyes, redness, and eye irritability.

About the Brand

CooperVision is a global contact lens industry leader dedicated to helping people see better every day. Widely recognized as a contact lens manufacturer that provides high-quality soft contacts in a wide range of prescription alternatives, Proclear Sphereis one of their many products. The manufacturer also created a small package of Proclear Sphere™ with 3 pieces of contact lenses.

Can I Order Proclear Sphere Without Prescription?

Yes, you can order the Proclear Spherewithout a prescription. However, you’ll need to know your eye prescription to get contacts that fit your needs.



Quality price and service

Proclear are the most comfortable contacts. Excellent price definitely will order again.

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    Proclear Sphere 6 contact lenses

    Proclear Sphere 6 contact lenses

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