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Biofinity Energys 6 Contact Lenses

Manufacturer CooperVision



Biofinity Energys lenses are monthly aspherical lenses created by CooperVision and recommended especially to people who spend a lot of time in front of the screen of computers. The newly improved optics ensure perfect vision regardless of the distance.

The lenses are equipped with unique, innovative optics that exceptionally reduce the risk of eye fatigue and irritation caused by long hours of work on computers. The lenses are stable, they fit perfectly to the eyeballs without falling off and they won't make the wearer uncomfortable. unique With Aquaform technology, the lenses attract and keep the maximum amount of water which provides the eyes with a steady and high level of hydration, stopping the issue of dryness and irritation.

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More info

Biofinity Energys Contact Lenses

Biofinity Energys lenses are monthly aspherical lenses produced by CooperVision. Biofinity Energys lenses are made of Comfilcon A material, with 48% hydration. They have a remarkable Digital Zone Optics optical zone, which has improved the comfort of use and reduces eye tiredness. This design stimulates more power in the entire optical zone, The use of Aquaform® technology attracts and retains water inside the lens, helping to maintain high hydration throughout the time of use.  Especially for people working on the computer, staring at the screen for many hours 

Biofinity Energys lenses are intended for monthly day-night use, so they do not require daily care. However, if they are removed at the end of the day, it is essential that you clean them with lens fluid and then place them in a container filled with a specialized solution. The unique Digital Zone Optics improves the comfort of use and reduces eye fatigue caused by looking at the screens of digital devices from a close distance. Additionally, this design enables extra power in the entire optical zone. Reducing the contact with the eyelid to a minimum helps to avoid rubbing the lens against the eyelid, which causes eye irritation and infection.

Key Biofinity Energys Features

  • Reduction of eye fatigue  The lenses have unique, innovative optics, which help to greatly reduce the risk of eye weariness and irritation caused by long hours of work in front of a computer screen.

  • High hydration: The use of  Aquaform technology, helps to retain more water, which helps to keep the eyes adequately hydrated, putting an end to the problem of dryness and irritation.

  • Perfect vision: The lenses feature improved optics that provide perfect vision in high resolution, at any distance. This reduces the level of stress on the eyes.

  • Perfect fit to the eye  The lenses are stable and they fit perfectly to the eyeballs. They are easy to put on and comfortable to wear.

Additional Information

  • BRAND: Biofinity Energys

  • MANUFACTURER: Cooper Vision

  • LENSES IN BOX: 6 contact lenses in a box


  • WEARING TIME: 24 hours only

  • LENS TYPE: Daily Vision Correction Lenses

Biofinity Energys Lenses are Best

  • For People experiencing eye challenges
  • People who want maximum vision and at the same time be comfortable.

  • People who are working on the computer for long hours

About the Brand

CooperVision is a global contact lens industry leader committed to helping people experience clearer vision daily. Widely known as a contact lens industry that provides high-quality soft contact lenses in various scopes of prescription alternatives.

Can I Order Biofinity Energys lens Without a Prescription?

Yes, you can order them without a prescription verification. But you'll need a prescription to purchase a recommended lens for your eye needs 



Works very well and does its job

Biofinity Energys are the most comfortable contacts. The stay moist through extended wear and are easy to put in and remove.

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    Biofinity Energys 6 Contact Lenses

    Biofinity Energys 6 Contact Lenses

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