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Clariti Elite 3 Contact Lenses

Manufacturer CooperVision



Clariti Elite lenses are monthly contact lenses from CooperVision intended for the correction of myopia and hyperopia and other eye problems like astigmatism and blurry vision. They give comfort, a blend of styles and different looks. They are easy to use even in a rush and they are comfortable because their structures are ultrathin, having round edges, they blend perfectly in the eyes. With WetLoc tech, they keep the eyes adequately moistened with 56% moisture to avoid dryness and irritation. The UVA/UVB filters keep the eyes from the harmful impact of the sun.

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Clariti Elite Contact Lenses

ClaritiElite 3 contact lenses are produced by CooperVision to improve the eyes health. It is intended for daily use throughout the month; you can use one pair for up to 30 days but it requires everyday cleaning; they should be cleaned every evening.

The lenses contain improved silicone-hydrogel material, which allows free flow of Oxygen into the eyes and protects infections and irritation even after use. These lenses are perfect for correcting long and shortsightedness, there are options for you to easily choose anyone that will meet your eye care needs. The UVA/UVB filters guard the eyes against the impact of solar radiation.

Clarity Elite 30 days monthly contact lenses are effective all day long, they are very comfortable to use and easy to apply. Due to its round shape, they fit perfectly in the eyes and don't make the user uncomfortable. They have 56% moisture content that keeps the eyes moistened to prevent dryness. The cleaning process is very simple, it doesn't consume time and energy.

Each box of Clariti Elite contact lenses comes with 30 pieces which is sufficient for monthly use. It is the perfect contact lens for sensitive eyes and also people with astigmatism or blurry vision because the shape of the lens blends well with the cornea.

Key Clariti Elite Lenses Features

  • Advanced Edge Technology: Each Clariti Elite lens has an ultra-thin structure with round edges. This promotes their application and greatly increases the comfort of use. It removes the unpleasant feeling of an unfamiliar body in the eye.

  • High level of hydration - Clariti Elite lenses are so cozy to use because they guarantee a high level of hydration to the eyes preventing them from drying out.

  • Free supply of oxygen: The lenses are based on an improved silicone-hydrogel material, which gives the eyes free access to an adequate amount of oxygen. preventing infections and irritations.

  • Effective vision correction: lenses are ideal for daily correction of short- and long-sightedness. A wide range of powers allows you to easily choose glasses that fit your individual needs.

  • Modern UV filters: lenses successfully safeguard the eyes against the toxic impacts of solar radiation. This is due to modern UVA/UVB filters contained in each of them.

Additional Information

  • BRAND: Clariti Lenses

  • MANUFACTURER: Cooper Vision

  • LENSES IN BOX: 3 contact lenses


  • WEARING TIME: 24 hours

  • LENS TYPE: Monthly Vision Correction Lenses

Clariti Elite Lenses Are Best For

  • People battling eye problem

  • People who love comfort and at the same time maintain good sight

About the Brand

CooperVision is one of the companies that are leading in the production of good contact lenses in the world. They produce a wide range of high-quality lenses that fit different prescriptions. They are committed to improving people's sight daily.

Can I Order Clariti Elite Without Prescription?

Yes, you can order the Clariti 30-day lens without a prescription. But you'll have to know a prescription if you are getting a particular lens for your eye care.



Love them!

Comfortable and don't dry out. I wear them 16-17 hours a day and never have to use re wetting drops.


    Easy to order

    I tried many different contacts, glad found this brand that works well.


      Love it, great value!

      They're comfortable and easy to handle. Provides good vision overall.

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        Clariti Elite 3 Contact Lenses

        Clariti Elite 3 Contact Lenses

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