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MyDay Contact 30 Lenses

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MyDay daily lenses are based on the silicone-hydrogel material Stenfilcon A, which ensures that there's adequate oxygen permeability in the lens. MyDay lenses have a low Young's modulus.  The lenses have excellent softness and are very easy to use. They are also easy to wear and take off. 

Additionally, MyDay Lenses boost comfort, due to the modern design with smooth surface and rounded edges. The lenses contain filters that defend the eyes against UV radiation, protecting 85% against UVA radiation and 96% against UVB radiation. This helps to preserve the eyes health for a  long-time.

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MyDay Contact Lenses

MyDay are daily disposable lenses for people with myopia and hyperopia.

It is very helpful for people who enjoy daily disposable lenses, particularly their enhanced quality and the comfort they give. They are made from very soft and flexible materials which ends the problem of discomfort in the eyes.

MyDay lenses are made for one-time use, this means that in the evening when you take them off, you dispose of them, and in the morning you take a new pair from its pack and use them. No extra care.

MyDay lenses contain 30 pieces in the package which is just enough for 15 days of daily use. This packaging allows you to create a set that is perfect for your eye care.

The smooth and round structure of the lenses gives a very natural feeling when wearing them, allowing the eyelid to smoothly slide over the lens without any difficulties. They also contain filters that shield the eyes against UV radiation, helping the eyes to be in good health for a long time. With the use of aquaform technology, the lens allows the eyes to have easy access to sufficient moisture to moisten the eyes, avoiding irritation and redness.

Key My Day Lenses Features

  • Aquaform technology: This technology allows the attachment of moisture content within the structure of the lenses. This gives the eyes an adequate amount of moisture to keep the eyes hydrated.  

  • Rounded edges: With the enhanced lens structure, there is no friction between the rounded edges of the lens and the eyelids. It has also put an end to irritation and redness due to rough contact between the lenses and eyelids.

  • Softness and flexibility - The MyDay Lenses are made from very soft and flexible material which allows easy application, avoiding discomfort and irritation of the eyes. 

  • UV protection: MyDay Lenses are very useful in protecting the eyes against UV radiation. This helps to maintain good eye health for a long time. They are loaded with modern UVA/UVB filters which safeguard the eyes from solar radiation by absorbing more than 97% of it.

Additional Information

  • BRAND: MyDay Lenses

  • MANUFACTURER: Cooper Vision

  • LENSES IN BOX: 30 contact lenses in a box


  • WEARING TIME: 24 hours only

  • LENS TYPE: Daily Vision Correction Lenses

MyDay Lenses Are Best For

  • People suffering from myopia and hyperopia. 

  • People who struggle with dryness in their eyes every time. 

  • People who prefer daily contact lenses; like using new pairs per day

About the Brand

CooperVision, is a business unit of The Cooper Companies, that majors on producing soft contact lenses. Helping people improve their sight daily. They are broadly known for high quality and soft contact lenses in a variety of prescription options, MyDay Lense is one of their numerous products. 

Can I Order MyDay Lens Without a Prescription?

Yes, you can order the MyDay daily lenses without a prescription. But to get a specified lens, you'll have to know your prescription.


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MyDay Contact 30 Lenses

MyDay Contact 30 Lenses

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