Biomedics 55 evolution

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Biomedics 55 Evolution  6 contact lenses, born from extensive research, provide natural comfort with their ultra-thin design and rounded edges. Cooper Vision's creation perfectly fits the cornea, ideal for sensitive eyes. Packed with advanced technologies, these lenses boast modern UV filters that block 90% of both UVA and UVB rays.

Designed for beginners, the light blue tint aids easy application. Despite their thinness, these lenses prioritize eye health with high oxygen permeability and superior hydration. A pack includes six lenses, making Biomedics 55 Evolution a global solution for various eyesight issues

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More info

Biomedics 55 Evolution

Biomedics 55 Evolution monthly contact lenses result from years of intense experimentation and research. With ultra-thin and rounded edges, these lenses offer comfort identical to the natural eyes. Guaranteed to fit the shape of the cornea perfectly, it’s perfect for users with sensitive eyes and those who prefer not to feel as though they’re using lenses. 

The Biomedics 55 Evolution is a product of Cooper Vision, and it contains multiple new-generation technologies that aid improved parameters and guarantee even better vision. With modern UV Filters, the lenses provide optimal protection against the harsh UV rays of the sun. On an advanced level, these filters absorb up to 90% of both UVA and UVB rays. 

Cooper Vision also creates the Biomedics 55 Evolution monthly contact lenses for first-time contact wearers since the tinting aid is easy to apply. On the sides of the lenses, light blue tints are enriched to indicate the proper application.

Overall, despite the thin layer of the Biomedics 55 Evolution contact lenses, users are guaranteed eye health, given the high oxygen permeability feature of the lens. With a very high level of hydration properties, Biomedics 55 Evolution is known to correct multiple eyesight problems worldwide. 

In one pack of Biomedics 55 Evolution monthly contact lenses, users can find up to six pieces of contact lenses. 

Key Biomedics 55 Evolution Features

  • New-Generation Lenses: Created from years of research, the Biomedics 55 Evolution lenses contain some of the most advanced technologies, including ultra-thin and rounded edges, a hydration content of 55%, and very high oxygen permeability. 

  • Modern UV Filters: This latest technology protects the cornea from the sun’s harmful UV rays (UVA/UVB) up to 90%. 

  • Tinting: Biomedics 55 Evolution monthly contact lenses contain a light blue tint at the edges to help first-time contact lens wearers apply the lenses properly.

Additional Information

  • BRAND: Biomedics 55 Evolution Lenses

  • MANUFACTURER: Cooper Vision

  • LENSES IN BOX: 6 monthly contact lenses in a box


  • WEARING TIME: Daily. To be removed at night and stored in the lens case.

  • LENS TYPE: Monthly Vision Correction Lenses

Biomedics 55 Evolution Are Best For

  • Those with sensitive eyes

  • Those who struggle with dry eyes or other eye conditions. 

  • First-time contact lens wearers

  • Those who want a long-term supply of highly moisturized contact lenses

About the Brand

CooperVision is a global contact lens industry leader dedicated to helping people see better every day. Widely recognized as a contact lens manufacturer that provides high-quality soft contacts in a wide range of prescription alternatives, Biomedics 55 Evolution is one of their many products. The manufacturer also created a custom package of Biomedics 55 Evolution with positive powers. 


Can I Order online Biomedics 55 Evolution Without a Prescription?

Yes, you can order the Biomedics 55 Evolution without a prescription. However, you’ll need to know your current eye prescription to get contacts that fit your needs.



Best contacts for my chronic dry eye

Biomedics 55 are my favorite brand because they stay moist, you can sleep with them in, and they don’t fall out.

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    Biomedics 55 evolution

    Biomedics 55 evolution

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