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Biotrue ONEday 30 contact lenses

Manufacturer Bausch and Lomb - Biofinity



Biotrue® ONE day  

Biotrue ONEday lenses are daily contact lenses introduced by Bausch & Lomb, one of the most well-known lens manufacturers.


  •  A convenient package containing 30 lenses - do you want to try the lenses on your own eyes to see if they are what you require? The pack of 30 is perfect for you. It is sufficient for several days of regular use.
  •  New generation material - the lenses were designed using an ultra-modern material called HyperGel, inspired by the eye's biological functioning. Its composition is similar to that of a human tear, which allows it to effectively prevent drying and irritation. Users like and appreciate it - Biotrue ONEday lenses are very popular, which can attest to the fact that they are made with care for maximum comfort and health.
  •  Daily mode - lenses are an excellent product for customers who value the convenience of putting on a new pair of glasses every day. They are an ideal solution for people who live an active lifestyle because they do not require any additional care.
  •  High oxygen permeability - lenses provide the cornea with the air required for healthy functioning. This ensures both wearing comfort and the highest possible visual quality.

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  • -8,50
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  • -7,50
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Characteristics of Biotrue® ONE day lenses:


Biotrue ONEday lenses are soft daily disposable lenses made of a specialized HyperGel material that closely resembles the composition of human tears. As a result, the lenses are incredibly comfortable and resistant to drying (even for people with very sensitive eyes). The lens's high level of hydration (78%) lasts all day and even longer. Biotrue ONEday contact lenses allow oxygen in the amount required by the open eye, resulting in the best possible vision while remaining completely imperceptible during use.


How to wear and care for Biotrue® ONEday lenses:


Biotrue ONEday as daily contact lenses does not require any additional care. Before use, remove the lenses from the disposable packaging (with clean, freshly washed hands, of course). After a day, remove them from the eye, and throw them away in the trash.


Who are Biotrue® ONEday lenses for?


Biotrue ONEday lenses by Bausch & Lomb were designed for people who value the convenience of putting on a new pair of contact lenses every day. Biutrue ONEday contact lenses do not require daily care or the use of a specialized liquid or storage container because they are one-day contact lenses.

Biotrue ONEday is most commonly chosen by active people who do not want to be limited by glasses while participating in various sports. The high hydration level makes it an excellent choice for people who spend long periods in front of a computer screen or suffer from dry eyes on their own. Many allergy sufferers who suffer from seasonal allergies prefer Biotrue ONEday lenses.


Advantages of Biotrue ONEday 30 contacts:


1 One-day mode allows you to wear a fresh pair of lenses that are fully hydrated every day;

2  All-day comfort due to 79% hydration;

3 Ultra-modern material called HyperGel;

4 A convenient package containing 30 lenses is sufficient for several days of regular use without the need to purchase new packages on a regular basis.

 5 High oxygen permeability ensures comfort and the best possible vision without the sensation of something in the eye.


Specifications of Biotrue contact lens



Bausch & Lomb



Type of Lens:

Daily disposable


78% Water + 22% Nesofilcon A

Water content:


Oxygen permeability:

42 Dk/t

Lens diameter:

14.2 mm

Base curves:

8.6 mm

Available powers:

-9.00D to +6.00D

Handling tint:


UVA/UVB protection:



We will ship these lenses in 10 business days

Are Biotrue ONEday lenses safe?

Yes, Biotrue ONEday lenses are safe for the eyes. Manufactured by the renowned company Bausch&Lomb, they provide not only excellent visual acuity, but are also made of high-quality Nesofilcon A material, which minimizes the risk of irritation and allergies.

How to choose Biotrue ONEday lenses?

Biotrue ONEday lenses are available in a package containing 30 lenses, which ensures user comfort and long-term use. You can choose them yourself, using the given product parameters, or use the help of an optometrist, who will help to match them perfectly to your needs.

For what sight defect Biotrue ONEday are?

Biotrue ONEday lenses are designed for the correction of myopia or long-sightedness. Thanks to their type of spherical correction, they provide the user with clear vision and comfort throughout the day.

How to wear Biotrue ONEday lenses?

Wearing Biotrue ONEday lenses is quick and easy. Before applying the lens, make sure your hands are clean and dry. Then gently place the lens on the bottom of the index finger and hold it, using the middle finger of the other hand to lift the upper eyelid. Carefully place the lens on the eyeball and release the eyelid. Check that the lens is properly positioned.

How to remove Biotrue ONEday lenses?

Removing Biotrue ONEday lenses is just as easy. Before removing the lens, make sure your hands are clean and dry. gently drag the lower eyelid down with the middle finger of one hand, and with the other hand gently move the lens onto the eyeball. Then grab the lens with your thumb and index finger and gently remove it.



Great lenses

Daily disposable lenses are the most comfortable lenses I’ve worn they are easy to put in and easy to take out and you don't even know your wearing them. Absolutely fabulous

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    Biotrue ONEday 30 contact lenses

    Biotrue ONEday 30 contact lenses

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