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Soflens 59 contact lenses

Manufacturer Bausch and Lomb - Biofinity



Soflens 59 is a monthly contact lens that is worn during the day then taken out at night.

The lens is 59% water (hence the name Soflens 59) and has been designed to allow oxygen to easily reach the eye.

Soflens 59 contact lenses are  replaced every month

Keeping the eye well oxygenated gives the wearers a refreshed feeling in the eye.

6 lenses per box

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Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb
Lens Type: Monthly disposable soft contact lenses
Package Details: 6 lenses immersed in buffered saline solution.
Tinted (this helps you find the lens): No
UV blocking: No
Material and % of content: 45% polymer (hilafilcon B)
Water % of content: 59%

How to put SofLens 59 lenses on?

SofLens 59 lenses are easy and convenient to wear. Before applying the lens, wash and dry your hands. Then you should remove the lens from the package and place it on the tip of the index finger. Then, using the thumb of the other hand, you should slightly bend the eyelids and gently place the lens on the eyeball, looking straight in front of you.

Are SofLens 59 lenses safe?

Yes, SofLens 59 lenses are safe to use when used in accordance with the instructions of the specialist and the manufacturer's instructions. Made of Hilafilcon B material, they ensure high quality and wear comfort, minimizing the risk of irritation and sensitivity.

How to choose SofLens 59 - 6 pcs?

SofLens 59 lenses are available in a package of 6 pieces, ensuring long-term use. You can choose them yourself, using product parameters such as power, curvature and diameter, or use the help of an optometrist to help you choose the right lens to suit your individual needs. In addition, the lenses have 59% hydration, ensuring comfortable wear throughout the day.

What vision defects are SofLens 59 for?

SofLens 59 lenses are designed for the correction of myopia or long-sightedness, thanks to their spherical type of correction. They perfectly improve the vision of people with these visual impairments, providing them with a clear picture and comfort throughout the day.

How to remove SofLens 59 lenses?

To remove SofLens 59, first wash and dry your hands to avoid bacteria being transferred to your lenses and eyes. Then, holding the eyelids with the fingers of one hand, gently move the lens on the eye protein with the finger of the other hand. Then grab the lens with your thumb and index finger and gently remove it.



High Quality and Fast Delivery

What a difference a brand can make. I have heard people complain about their eyes hurting with some contact lenses. My eyes never really hurt but they felt heavy, like when you start to feel tired. I was just thankful that I wasn’t experiencing the pain some others do. Because of this I stuck with my old brand of contacts for a long time. About 12 months ago I ordered these contacts by mistake. Originally I was hesitant to use anything other than what I was used to. Out of desperation I ended up using them because I was all out of my regular ones. What a twist of fate it turned out to be. The tiredness I usually felt in my eyes was gone. My eyes felt fresh and clear all day. What an absolute improvement! I have now been wearing the Softens 59 contact lenses for a year and I am still as happy with them as I was on that very first day. I am also very happy with the turnaround time I experience, from when I order to when they arrive. I am one very happy customer!

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Soflens 59 contact lenses

Soflens 59 contact lenses

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