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Precision 1 Daily contact lenses

Manufacturer CIBA Vision (ALCON)



Precision 1-DAY 30 contact lenses by Alcon are a leading product in the market, known for their comfort, high-quality vision, and ease of use. They combine perfect hydration, high oxygen permeability, and innovative construction for utmost user satisfaction. Unique SMARTSURFACE® technology ensures long-lasting hydration with a durable 80% water layer. Unlike other lenses which see a 20% abandonment rate in the first year, PRECISION1® stands out as a preferred choice from the first use.

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Precision 1-DAY contact lenses

 PRECISION1 are modern daily replacement contact lenses. Alcon was designed and created by the most valued and recognizable brand on the market. These lenses are extremely comfortable to wear, have excellent vision quality, and are simple and quick to put on. The following characteristics allow PRECISION1® lenses to meet all requirements and expectations, making them a must-have product from the first application.


  1. The highest comfort of use - results from at least several elements: perfect hydration,    a high value of the oxygen permeability parameter, improved construction, and ease of putting on and taking off.
  2. Unique SMARTSURFACE® technology - the surface of the lenses is covered with a thin, permeable, but durable layer made up of 80% water, which provides long-lasting hydration.
  3. Lenses that you stay with longer - according to research, approximately 20% of lenses are abandoned within the first year of use. PRECISION1® is unique. These are the lenses you fall in love with and stick with for a longer time, owing to their excellent parameters.
  4.  Easy application - the lenses are simple and straightforward to put on. This is confirmed by nine out of ten individuals, including novice users.
  5.  High-definition vision - the lenses have been enhanced with modern UV filters, which block up to 99% of two types of harmful solar radiation (UVA and UVB).


PRECISION 1 contact lenses Characteristics:


With PRECISION1®, the user is interacting with modern materials and technologies. Verofilcon A material has up to 51% hydration in its core and up to 80% hydration on its surface, which persists for several hours. Under the innovative SMARTSURFACE® technology, the lenses have acquired a thin, durable, permeable layer of a highly moisturizing substance that is composed primarily of water, thereby ameliorating the issue of hydration. It is an excellent aid for fragile eyes with impaired tear production and dry eye syndrome. And well-moisturized lenses provide comfort, as they are imperceptible and do not cause eye irritation. Contact lenses have a high oxygen permeability parameter (Dk/t = 100), allowing oxygen to flow freely from the environment to the cornea, maintaining health. Additionally, it maintains the eyesight's vigor and rests for an extended period of time.

Additionally, the lenses' construction has been enhanced. PRECISION1® lenses are distinguished by their ultra-thin edges, which allow them to better conform to the eyes and ensure that they cannot be felt or irritate the eyeball. Vision quality is one of the most important factors that all users must consider. PRECISION1® lenses offer precise, high-definition vision with exceptional color saturation and sharpness. Irrespective of the prevalent lighting conditions


Lens application is also important. The manufacturer claims that PRECISION1® is extremely comfortable and simple to put on. They adhere better to the fingertip and retain their perfect shape from the first seconds after being removed from the blister, saving you time when positioning the lens. 9 out of 10 testers praised their ease of use. As a result, PRECISION1® is also an offer for people who are just getting started with contact lenses. Furthermore, the creators have enhanced the lenses' composition with a complex of modern UV filters that block approximately 90% of harmful UVA radiation and even 99% of UVB radiation.


PRECISION1 contact lenses are designed for one-day use. This means that you do not have to deal with additional care and cleansing treatments or buy additional preparations. You just pick up a new and fresh pair of lenses every day and then throw them away after use.

Who should wear PRECISION1 daily lenses?


  •         for people looking for modern contact lenses with excellent technological solutions,
  •         for people who trust well-known and widely respected brands,
  •         for nearsighted and farsighted people,
  •         for people with a tendency to dry eyes,
  •         for people who expect maximum comfort of use,
  •         for active people,
  •         for people who do not like and do not want to spend time on additional lens-cleaning          treatments,
  •         for people who want to have access to spotless lenses every day.



Precision 1 contact lenses specifications




Precision 1

Type of contact Lens:

Daily disposable


51% Water + Verofilcon A

Water content:


Oxygen permeability:

100 Dk/t

Contact Lens diameter:

14.2 mm

Base curves:

8.3 mm

Available powers:

-12.00D to +8.00D

Handling tint:


UVA/UVB protection:






Perfect quality and reliable product every time!

These are quite simply, the best. They are easy to apply and are comfortable to wear. I have had problems with putting lenses in ,in the past, and I now realise that it was not me ,but the lens II was using. I have never had one tear or crease, and you forget they are in!I have even slept in them by accident,and have forgotten they are there!



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      These are very comfortable although a little pricy

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        Precision 1 Daily contact lenses

        Precision 1 Daily contact lenses

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