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ACUVUE 2 contact lenses

Manufacturer Johnson and Johnson



Acuvue 2 contact lenses

 The Acuvue 2 is one of the best selling disposable contact lens in the market. It is a UV blocking contact lens for the active individual. It is so thin and comfortable that you won't even notice that you're wearing one and yet your vision is crisp and clear! The inside-out mark allows for quick applications. Available in a wide range of prescriptions.

Order Acuvue2 without prescription.

 If you are looking to get rid of those heavy frames, and give your appearance a complete makeover, trying out the Acuvue 2 week contact lenses can be the best idea. These contact lenses are designed to give your eyes the comfort and beauty they deserve. Crafted using the latest technology, they retain moisture for long so that your eyes don’t feel the irritation or drying up even when you wear these contact for long duration. Change the way you look, by trying out on these contact lenses without prescription!

For a clear vision and safe eyes!

 Acuvue contact lenses are known for their top quality performance. So, if you want to give your eyes the comfort and luxury of a crisp vision, without having to face the hassle of running everywhere to get an optometrist’s prescription, place your order right now without us. We offer these contact lenses without prescription as well!

Are you ready for a clearer and better vision than ever?

So, what are you waiting for? Place your order by validating the power of your lenses and we will make it a point to deliver these contact lenses right at your doorstep in the fastest possible time!

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  • -11,50
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More info

The Acuvue 2 gives you clear vision with maximum comfort. It allows a higher amount of oxygen to reach your eyes and provides UV blocking, keeping your eyes protected and healthy. Made by Johnson and Johnson, it retains the high quality of Acuvue products with some extras. The Acuvue 2 is so thin that you can put it on and forget about it! Clearer vision doesn't have to be inconvenient or uncomfortable. Get crisp 20/20 vision and make your eyes happy with the Acuvue 2. Wear it daily for 2 weeks when you remove it before you sleep or for 1 week if you don't want to remove it. See your eye care professional for the schedule suitable for your needs.

6 lenses per box

Are ACUVUE 2 lenses safe?

Yes, ACUVUE 2 lenses are manufactured by the renowned Johnson & Johnson company, which guarantees high quality and safety of use. They are designed with eye comfort and health in mind, which makes them suitable even for people with sensitive eyes.

How to choose ACUVUE lenses 2?

ACUVUE 2 contact lenses are available in a package containing 6 pieces, which ensures user comfort and stock for several months. You can choose the lenses yourself, using the strength and curvature information or consult an optometrist who will help to tailor them to your individual needs.

How to wear ACUVUE 2 lenses?

To wear ACUVUE 2, wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Then remove the lens from the package and place it at the end of the index finger. While holding the eyelids, gently place the lens on the eyeball, making sure it is well positioned.

For what sight defect ACUVUE 2?

ACUVUE 2 lenses are designed for the correction of visual defects, such as myopia or long-sightedness. Due to their spherical shape, they are an effective tool in improving vision, ensuring sharpness and clarity of the image.

How to remove the ACUVUE 2 lenses?

To remove the ACUVUE 2 lenses, wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Then you should gently pull the lower eyelid and, looking up, gently squeeze the lens with your index finger and thumb, and then remove it. After removal, the lens should be properly cleaned and stored in a suitable container filled with liquid.



Comfortable and easy to use. Would recommend!

These are amazing lenses. The best I ever tried.


    Very confortable for my eyes.

    Delighted with the product and with the service.


      Thank you very much!!!

      Good quality and delivery is excellent. Acuvue 2 lenses are perfect.


        Love these contacts.

        Comfortable lenses at a reasonable price.


          Excellent lenses - very comfortable.

          Was very hesitant to buy these because my eyes get dry and I have been known to wear my contacts for too long each day. I was wearing Acuvue 2 and was surprised to see that they are such a great value for the money. Definitely worth trying!

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          These are the best contacts. So comfortable!

          So very comfortable...even after they've been worn for16 hours! Absolutely no discomfort. Some 1 day lenses are so flimsy and jelly-like, they easily turn inside out. However lenses hold their shape so well, I have had no issues! They are now my go-to, must have daily contact lens.

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            ACUVUE 2 contact lenses

            ACUVUE 2 contact lenses

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