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Dailies Total 1 (30)

Manufacturer CIBA Vision (ALCON)



Dailies Total 1


With all the innovations of today’s modern world, don’t settle for anything less. Why risk discomfort with traditional contact lenses if you can buy something made by advanced technology?

From the great minds of the global eye care company Alcon Vision Care comes this product perfect for all-day use. Using Dailies Total 1 will feel like wearing no contacts at all - even for up to 16 hours! That’s why it guarantees ultimate comfort.

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Before we explain everything you need to know about Dailies Total 1, here’s a glimpse of how amazing these contacts are: 

Each contact lens has a generous amount of water inside to retain moisture. It aims to prevent dryness, a common cause of horrible redness in the eyes.

These contacts will conform to your eyes’ shape so you won’t feel anything at all while wearing them.This product uses a material specially designed to allow a higher rate of oxygen transmission. It will give your eyes a brighter, more attractive look.Whether you’re near-sighted or far-sighted, these contact lenses will still be beneficial for you. They come in different power levels to ensure that all users are going to have better vision consistently.For zero maintenance, these contacts promote one-time use. After wearing them for the day, discard them immediately and wear another pair the next morning. Don’t worry; they come in 30 pieces each box. 

Dailies Total 1 is literally meant for daily use because of its benefits, comfortable lenses, and safety features.


What are the features of Dailies Total 1?


Now, let’s learn more about the properties of Dailies Total 1. Each lens contains 33% water while the outer part where the lens meets your cornea is hydrated by 80%. Because of these particular aspects, hydration can reach a total of 100%.

 As a plus, for a more natural feel, these contact lenses contain phosphatidylcholine. That component is already present in our bodies, specifically in our tears and cells. Called SmarTears Technology, the lens releases phosphatidylcholine to maintain the tear film’s natural state in your eyes.

 Regarding oxygen permeation, we can quantify that by knowing the Dk per lens thickness (Dk/t) ratio. Dailies Total 1 has 156, which is high enough for easier transmission of oxygen.


Additional Benefits of Dailies Total 1


We’re pretty sure all of us have experienced dealing with dust, loose eyelashes, tiny insects, or other types of debris in our eyes. The instant reaction is to rub our eyes or wash them with water. Well, how about if you’re wearing contacts?

Good thing that these water gradient lenses have a special kind of coating to stop any discomfort from foreign bodies. You’re less likely to have an urge to rub your eyes.

In addition, since contact lenses can intensify the strain from facing a computer all day, you need a product that can reduce the tired or burning sensation and redness in your eyes. Fortunately, Dailies Total 1 can constantly provide a generous amount of moisture for a more refreshing feeling.

When it comes to handling, these contacts use VISITINT technology for easier insertion and removal. They can blend with the color of the lens.

The extra-smooth surface also helps for quicker application. It will even protect your eyelids from friction every time you blink.


Who may use Dailies Total 1?


These contact lenses are perfect for desk workers. Working several hours in front of a computer can burn your eyes. You need contacts like this product to ensure strong hydration properties. 

Dailies Total 1 is also great for people with mild vision problems. It can enhance your vision without the hassle of wearing correction or reading glasses.

  Another advantage of these contacts is for the benefit of people with allergies or sensitive eyes. Those people find it hard to wear contact lenses because of the constant dryness. With this product, however, they can finally enjoy better vision thanks to the increased water content and breathable outer layer.


Specifications of Dailies Total 1


l  30 contacts per box for daily one-time use

l  Power range of -12.00 to +6.00 for short-sighted and long-sighted users

l  BC: 8.5

l  Diameter: 14.1


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Dailies Total 1 (30)

Dailies Total 1 (30)

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