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Purevision 2HD contact lenses

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PureVision 2HD from Bausch + Lomb offers a distinct blend of convenience, comfort, and superior vision quality. These spherical lenses, designed for monthly use, can correct both farsightedness and nearsightedness due to their consistent power distribution. They are intended for both day and night use, providing constant moisture to prevent dry eye syndrome and fatigue. The material offers high oxygen permeability, ensuring a fresh feeling throughout the day. The use of advanced technology guarantees optimal vision quality, comfort, and protection. Key features include High Definition Optics to reduce glares, reflections, and halos, and Comfort Moist Technology, which provides impressive moisturization while enhancing oxygen permeability.

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More info

PureVision 2HD

If you don’t like removing contact lenses frequently, you need something that can be used day and night. Luckily for you, that type of lens is pretty common. But, what if we tell you there’s one particular product that’s also known for its stunning vision quality?

We’re talking about the PureVision 2HD from Bausch + Lomb. These spherical contact lenses meant for monthly use can correct farsightedness or nearsightedness because of the consistency of power all over their optical sections. They’re unlike torics which are specifically designed to work with different powers to also correct astigmatism.

Again, these are monthly contact lenses for day and night use. You can simply wear one pair each month. In case of emergencies, this product comes in multiple pieces in each box.

Learn more about the PureVision 2HD starting from this list of features and benefits:

l  The rounded form of these contact lenses will reduce friction between the lens surface and your eyelid as you blink. This is crucial for total comfort all day, all night.

l  Another feature for the sake of comfort is the nonstop moisture from the material used. It can prevent dry eye syndrome and fatigue from hours of desk work.

l  To prevent irritation, the material also allows a higher level of oxygen permeability. This is important to maintain a fresh feeling even if you’re going to use these contact lenses all the time.

l  The manufacturer guarantees that these contact lenses are developed and created through modern technology to ensure maximum vision quality, comfort, convenience, and protection.

The Features of PureVision 2HD Contact Lenses

Here are the features of the PureVision 2HD we want to highlight to emphasize the amazing quality of these contact lenses:

HD Optics

As expected, “HD” means “high definition”. High Definition technology makes flawless vision possible by minimizing glares, reflections, and halos from the sun and other bright sources of light.

Comfort Moist Technology

All the way from insertion to hours of use, Comfort Moist Technology works its magic through its impressive moisturizing properties. This is entirely possible even with the thin structure of the silicone hydrogel material which aims to enhance oxygen permeability. Expect your eyes to look healthy and bright with these contact lenses.

The Benefits of PureVision 2HD Contacts

Based on all the features we’ve discussed, we’re gathering all the advantages of using the PureVision HD through the following list:

Hassle-Free Handling

Every time you’ll insert or remove these contact lenses from your eyes, you’ll find the whole process quick and simple because of the material’s moisture and the absence of friction while you’re blinking, thanks to the rounded shape.

Healthier Eyes

These contact lenses can make your eyes look and feel healthy because of improved oxygen transmission. In fact, they can actually make your eyes healthy in the long run since the flow of oxygen will be constant and sufficient as you wear them.

Better Vision

Correcting farsightedness or nearsightedness is a given with these contacts. The power is the same for all optical sections, unlike torics. The outlines and details of every object in your vision will be crisp and vivid.

More Convenient

These monthly lenses can be more convenient than other types of contacts in certain ways. Since they’re made for 24/7 use, maintenance is more minimal than with contact lenses that need to be removed every night.

This product also promotes less waste, unlike daily disposable contacts. Some users can go for a month with just one pair of these lenses.

Natural Feel

You won’t feel a thing with these contacts once you get used to them. Blinking will feel so natural since your eyelids will just smoothly move over the lenses’ surfaces. With other contacts, it will feel as if there’s sand in your eyes.

Fewer Distractions

Glares and reflections are more distracting when you’re wearing contact lenses. That’s why this product is one of the best ones you can buy. This particular benefit contributes to better vision and a more natural feel.

Who should wear PureVision 2HD lenses?

The PureVision 2HD is perfect for employees and students who are always working with computers, active gamers, and simply people who just like using their PCs or laptops for entertainment.

More importantly, these contact lenses can keep drivers safe behind the wheel. We’re obviously talking about their excellent vision quality, an important factor for safe driving. Also, wearing contacts is better while driving for glasses tend to fog up.

In addition, if you’re suffering from severe dry eyes, this product can solve that problem. Just make sure to consult a specialist to know exactly what you need for your delicate eyes.

Specifications of PureVision 2HD

l  Type: monthly; day and night use

l  Manufacturer: Bausch + Lomb

l  Diameter: 14.0

l  Maximum positive power: +6.00

l  Maximum negative power: -12.00

l  Curvature: 8.6

l  Oxygen permeability rate: 130 x 10-9 Dk / t

l  Water content: 36%

About the Manufacturer

Bausch + Lomb is a world-class brand that’s best known for its products like contact lenses, pharmaceuticals, and other essentials for eye health. It has been innovating products for more than 165 years already. It’s currently worth billions of dollars with an estimate of 12,000 employees globally. That’s an extraordinary feat, considering that it only started as a small shop selling optical items in the 1850s.

Just a brief history behind the brand name, Bausch + Lomb represents the two founders John Jacob Bausch and Henry Lomb. Bausch was the actual owner of the shop while Lomb helped his business grow by lending him money. They eventually became business partners for good and got even more popular when they manufactured military sunglasses during World War I and the first-ever soft contacts.

Additional Information from Contact Lenses 4 Us

Feel free to order contacts without a prescription from Contact Lenses 4 Us! Buy now and we will send the PureVision 2HD after five days regardless of your location.

We’re not keeping this product in stock, but we guarantee that we import all orders directly from the manufacturer to maintain the best quality for all of our buyers.

For more inquiries and concerns, don’t hesitate to email us at office@contactlenses4us.com.



Excellent product

At my age, I was issued lenses that allowed me to read and see far away. With these contact lenses, I can go about my regular activities without needing reading glasses while simultaneously correcting my distant vision. In addition, they are both comfortable and long-lasting, making them ideal for everyday use. Because of their comfort and hydration, the Purevision 2 HD contact lenses have been my go-to choice. They are wet, long-lasting, and do not dry up as soon as other contact lenses. Even though many less expensive brands are available, I believe these contact lenses are worth the extra money because they are comfortable and provide good vision. I cannot use hard lenses during pollen season, but soft lenses are an excellent interim solution because they fit correctly. After trying the PureVision 2 HD contact lenses, I finally discovered the right match. I can now see correctly at all distances and no longer need to carry extra glasses 'just in case'!


    The only lenses I want to wear.

    Love the contacts, fit and feel great! Great quality.


      Comfortable to wear. Definitely a 5 star review.

      These are very comfortable and the best I have used.


        The most comfortable lens I've ever used, used them for 5 years

        Brilliant, i can wear these for a full month which is a game changer and they don’t irritate at all.


          HD makes a difference for sure!

          The Purevision 2HD lenses seem so thin. Maybe that’s why they feel so comfortable. I wanted to try these because of the HD. I don’t know if it works like a high definition television but I wanted to try it. With some of my old lenses, unless it was perfect lighting it felt like I was constantly squinting and I appeared to be looking through fog and glare. I was so happy with the result. My vision was clearer and crisper immediately. I hadn’t noticed how much I had been straining to see until I tried these HD contacts. They are very affordable and even if they weren’t they would be worth every cent. I have found I can wear them for extended periods of time without any problem. I never have to take them out to ‘rest my eyes’ like I did with my old ones. They are brilliant. I wish I had of known about these sooner. Our eyes are an important body part and I want to make sure I’m buying the right contacts! Purevision lenses are just perfect for me.

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          Purevision 2HD contact lenses

          Purevision 2HD contact lenses

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