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Acuvue Oasys Multifocal 6 pack contact lenses

Manufacturer Johnson and Johnson



Struggling with presbyopia, making reading difficult? Our two-week ACUVUE® OASYS MULTIFOCAL contact lenses are designed for those over 40 to provide clear vision and comfort, letting you enjoy every day without vision worries. No more blurriness when reading or watching TV; these lenses offer clarity at all distances. Trust in the renowned ACUVUE® brand, known for high-quality progressive lenses.

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Reading becomes increasinglymore and more difficult, and you have to move the book or phone away to read the letters. there? You most likely haveprobably suffer from presbyopia (presbyopia). Two-week ACUVUE® OASYS MULTIFOCAL contact lenses are your opportunitychance for clear vision and, comfort, allowing that will allow you to enjoy every day and forget about your vision defect.


  • For people with presbyopia - ACUVUE® OASYS MULTIFOCAL contact lenses were designedcreated for people over the age of 40 who suffer fromstruggle with presbyopia.
  •  Clear vision - No more blurry vision whilewhen reading a book, scrolling through something on your phone, or watching TV. You can see clearly at any distance withWith ACUVUE® OASYS MULTIFOCAL contacts  you get clear vision at any distance.
  • Contact lenses from a trusted brand - Progressiveprogressive lenses are madecreated by the world-renowned and respected ACUVUE® brand, which for many users is synonymous with highthe highest quality and safety for many users.
  • Comfort throughout the day - ACUVUE® OASYS MULTIFOCAL progressive lenses provide all-day comfort thanks to the intense and long-lasting hydration provided by obtained thanks to the Hydraclear Plus technology. There is no, ACUVUE® OASYS MULTIFOCAL progressive lenses guarantee comfort of use throughout the day. No eye dryness or irritation of the eyes.
  •  Two-week use - Youyou can wearuse one pair of lenses for 14 days. There is one condition: - daily cleansing with a care fluid designedintended for this purpose.
  •  UV protection - in the lenses, the manufacturer has placed a complex of UVA / UVB filters in the lenses, which protect your eyes from the two most harmfuldangerous types of solar radiation, in 90-100% of cases.

Characteristics of ACUVUE® OASYS MULTIFOCAL lenses


Presbyopia is caused by the result of the natural aging of the eyes and affects, affecting people over the40 years of age of 40. This. However, this does not, however, imply mean that you must accepthave to put up with blurred vision and difficulties in reading, watching, or driving. ACUVUE® OASYS MULTIFOCAL contact lenses are a product of the world-renowned and respected ACUVUE® brand, with which you will gain clear vision, and, thanks to the instant and perfect fit of the lenses to your eyes, you will forget that you have any vision defect at all!

ACUVUE OASYS MULTIFOCAL progressive lenses are made ofbased on the modern Senofilcon A material, which is - highly hydrated (38%) and haswith a high oxygen permeability parameter. This results inThanks to this, they give you well-moisturized lenses that, even after a few hours of wear, dowearing, will not cause dryness orand irritation of the eyes. This is due to theThe more so that they use of the innovative Hydraclear Plus technology, which is also found inknown from other Oasys contact lenses. from the oasys family. It is also worth notingmentioning that the "breathable" ACUVUE® OASYS MULTIFOCAL contacts provide the cornea with the properright amount of oxygen, which keeps it in good condition and protects against infections.

 lenses have been designed in such a way as to provideguarantee you with clear vision up close and far away, in all, even the most demanding, conditions. They havecontain three different optical powers - in the upper, middle, and lower parts. Because of the variety, The wide range makes it possible to find the perfect pair of lenses for both novicebeginner and advanced presbyopia sufferers can find the ideal pair of lenses.


ACUVUE® OASYS MULTIFOCAL progressive contact lenses have been enriched with UV filters that block nearly 100% of UVB radiation and over 96% of UVA radiation. It is a comprehensive sun protection forof your eyes that should be used all year,against the sun, which is worth using not justonly on sunny days, but throughout the year.


ACUVUE® OASYS MULTIFOCAL contact lenses are two-weekly contact lenses. This means that you can use one pair can be worn for 14 days as long as they are cleaned. Provided that after a whole day of use, you clean them with a liquid designedintended for this purpose and immersedimmerse them in a fresh portion of the solution for at least a few hours after a full day of use.

Who should wearare ACUVUE® OASYS MULTIFOCAL progressive contact lenses for?

  1.  for people who struggle with presbyopia;
  2.  for users who prefer two weekly use of contact lenseslcontact enses - these are the only progressive contacts of this type;
  3.  for people who expect good hydration and "breathability" fromof the contact lenses;
  4.  for older people who want to enjoy clear vision indoors and outdoors;
  5.  for people who value products of renowned brands, known and appreciated worldwideall over the world.

Acuvue Oasys Multifocal contact lenses specifications


Johnson & Johnson



Type of contact Lens:

Multifocal contact lenses


Senofilcon A

Water content:


Oxygen permeability:

147 Dk/t

Contactcontact Lens diameter:

14.3 mm

Base curves:

8.4 mm

Available powers:

-9.00D to +6.00 D

Handling tint:


UVA/UVB protection:




I am very happy with the lenses.

Really clear comfortable lenses at a really good price

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    Acuvue Oasys Multifocal 6 pack contact lenses

    Acuvue Oasys Multifocal 6 pack contact lenses

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