Proper Way to Clean Contact Lenses

Why lenses should be properly cared for on a regular basis?

There are many contact lens users who are either ignorant or don’t know how to do the right things when it comes to caring for their contact lenses without prescription. There are many different options for disinfecting and cleaning your lenses depending on the kind of contact lens you have. As with all synthetic material, contact lenses are susceptible to the build-up of deposits and micro-organisms. If not removed properly, these absorbed materials and deposits can build up on the surface of the lens, which may result in the reduction of vision and comfort, as well as a major increase in the risk of contamination over a period of time.

This is one of the main reasons why lenses should be properly cared for on a regular basis using various solutions that is not only suitable for the material of the lens, but also for the eye.

Why Should Water Not Be Used To Rinse Contact Lenses

The water from tap contains metal particles, minerals and chlorine, which can damage both the lens and the eye. Along with other things found in water, it also contains living organisms that can cause serious infections in the eye due to contamination from microbes. Distilled or purified water and homemade saline should not be used to rinse contact lenses without prescription, as they do not disinfect them. Saline is manufactured in a highly controlled environment. It involves the combination of designated amount of ingredients which makes it the perfect liquid to rinse contact lenses without prescription. It properly disinfects lenses, making it usable for longer period of time.

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Finding the perfect cleaning solution
Lens care solutions are excellent for cleaning contact lenses. The moisturizing effect from these solutions prevents lens dehydration and preserves the moisture for improved level of lens comfort. There are some peroxide based solutions that do not have the preservatives found in many all-in-one lens cleaning solutions. Peroxide effectively disinfects and cleans the lens for higher level of lens comfort. You need to find the one that suits your eye the most. People with sensitive eyes should get the cleaning solution that is specifically made for people with sensitive eyes.

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Proper Way to Clean Contact Lenses


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Proper Way to Clean Contact Lenses

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Proper Way to Clean Contact Lenses

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Proper Way to Clean Contact Lenses

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