How to Get Used to Contact Lenses

how to Get Used to Contact Lenses

While contact lenses can be an attractive alternative to wearing glasses, they also need proper adjustment. Almost no one has a perfect vision nowadays. Three out of every four adults require some form of corrective lenses to work in their daily lives. But glasses can be annoying to always on-the-move and modern users.

Lenses are an ideal alternative as they increase your aesthetic appeal. If you are new to wearing lense, your biggest challenge might be getting used to them. For individuals who don’t touch their eyes daily, the process of on contact lenses can be challenging. Today’s soft lenses are more comfortable compared to the lenses of older times. Here are some effective ways to get used to contacts.

Practice How to Put in Your Lenses Properly:

Improper cleaning of lenses can result in blurry vision. The first you put in your contact lenses, you may wonder whether you’re doing it right. For first-time lens users, it may be tricky to put them in and out. Novice lens users typically face issues when touching their eyeballs while wearing them. If you are planning to wear contacts for the first time, it is crucial to consult your optometrist.

Proper Cleaning of Lenses:

The optometrist will offer step-by-step instructions on how to wear contacts properly. It involves washing your hands, picking up the lens, and putting it correctly. The optometrist will also advise you on the proper cleaning of the lenses. After a bit of practice, putting in your contacts will be as simple as tying shoe laces.


Be Patient While Wearing Contacts for The First Time:

Wearing Contacts for The First Time

During the initial days of wearing them, you may face difficulties. But you should never let these difficulties demotivate you while wearing them. It is essential not to feel dejected if you’re encountering frequent issues when putting in your lenses. With some dedicated and steady practice, you can seamlessly incorporate your contact lenses into your daily routine.

To get the desired results, always ensure that the contacts comply with your eye’s shape. Even with the guidance of the optometrist, lenses might feel uncomfortable. Note that wearing contact lenses longer than recommended interval can also cause discomfort. It can result in eye fatigue and severely affect your vision.

Cleaning New Contact Lenses Properly:

If you are a new contact lens wearer, it is necessary that your eyes adjust to your schedule correctly. Remember to set up a cleaning routine as soon as you procure your new contacts. Over time, natural components of your eye’s tear film can accumulate on the contact lenses. This may lead to eye irritation, then you should consult an eye doctor. That’s why setting up a routine is essential to clean the contacts daily.

New Contact Lenses

Here are some practical tips for new contact lens wearers you should follow while cleaning lenses regularly.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly
  • Begin putting in lenses with the same eye
  • Clean the lenses immediately after removal
  • Refrain from using tap water to clean your lenses
  • Invest in a good quality contact lens solution

By cleaning contact lenses properly, you can quickly get used to wearing them.

Check the Alignment of the Contacts:

If you’ve correctly put your contact lenses, you won’t even feel that they’re in your eyes. However, if you feel them moving around frequently, it’s time to check on them. Improper alignment of the contacts may result in a mild to a severe eye infection. If the contacts move around frequently, take them out and clean them. This will help in fixing the issue.

Check the Alignment of the Contacts:

If your contacts are inside-out, they may not fit perfectly. A flipped-over lens can move around, causing discomfort. Even damaged lenses can be troubling to wear. If you think you have a torn lens, replace it with a new pair. To know how to use contact lenses, checking the alignment is always vital.

Practice Good Hygiene:

Practising good hygiene can keep a foreign object out of your eyes. Before you even touch your contacts, there are some essential steps to follow to maintain healthy eyes. Wash your hands before putting contacts in and taking them out. Dry them off in a sterile and clean towel.

Be sure that your hands don’t have any form of soap or cleansers on them. Failure to maintain good hygiene habits can result in severe eye infections. At the end of every day, ensure to clean and disinfect your contacts with the solution. A superior quality contact lens solution can kill bacteria and impurities quickly.

Adhere Strictly to the Prescribed Wearing and Replacement Schedule:

While wearing lenses, always refrain from framing your own rules. Based on the types of lenses you have, you’ll have to replace them periodically. Ensure that your eyes rest for at least five hours before putting in the contact lenses. Wear the contacts only for the amount of time that your optometrist says is safe.


You should never stretch the life of your contacts. You can try buying lenses from a different brand to test their longevity. Learning how to do anything new takes time. In fact, it may take about a week to adapt to your contact lenses.

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