Soflens contact lenses

soflens contacts without rx

What a difference a brand can make. I have heard people complain about their eyes hurting with some contact lenses. My eyes never really hurt but they felt heavy, like when you start to feel tired. I was just thankful that I wasn’t experiencing the pain some others do. Because of this I stuck with my old brand of contacts for a long time. About 12 months ago I ordered these contacts by mistake. Originally I was hesitant to use anything other than what I was used to. Out of desperation I ended up using them because I was all out of my regular ones. What a twist of fate it turned out to be. The tiredness I usually felt in my eyes was gone. My eyes felt fresh and clear all day. What an absolute improvement! I have now been wearing the Softens 59 contact lenses for a year and I am still as happy with them as I was on that very first day. I am also very happy with the turnaround time I experience, from when I order to when they arrive.