10 Tips for Choosing the Best Coloured Contact Lenses for Your Eyes

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Buying coloured contact lenses shouldn’t just be about your personal preferences when it comes to appearance. You should also consider how attractive the lenses would be once they settle on top of your irises, knowing that your natural eye colour can either make or break the overall look of the contacts. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you by providing you with some tips for choosing the coloured lenses that will perfectly complement your eyes.

10 Tips for Choosing the Best Coloured Contact Lenses

1. Contact lenses with an enhancement tint give a more natural look.

Significantly lighter than a classic pair of decorative contact lenses, contacts containing an enhancement tint are getting more and more popular in the modern world. They’re much subtler, which is far different from the original purpose of coloured contact lenses–to change eye colour. So, why exactly are they in-demand nowadays?

People who have light-coloured eyes don’t usually need coloured contact lenses unless they want a darker colour. However, thanks to the innovative enhancement tints, they can make their eyes more beautiful without drastic changes. Enhancement tints are translucent to show the natural eye colour but with extra details or outlines to improve depth. Some sections either become lighter or darker to emphasize colours, shadows, and highlights.

Of course, people with dark-coloured eyes can also benefit from enhancement tints. The best part is that the improvement is so subtle that people won’t notice the contact lenses. The eyes will look so much healthier and that’s the only thing other people will notice.

2. Opaque contact lenses change the natural eye colour, not enhance it.

While enhancement tints are best for lighter eye colours (even though they’re also great for darker ones), non-transparent or opaque tints are perfect for dark-coloured eyes. That’s because the colour options are usually brighter: hazel, green, blue, violet, amethyst, grey, light brown, etc. They’re ideal for formal occasions and other gatherings where you need to look your best.

3. Take decorative contact lenses seriously.

Just because decorative contact lenses are solely for cosmetic purposes doesn’t mean you can just buy whatever you think it’s perfect for your style or simply stunning to look at. They should be completely safe and convenient for your eyes, especially if you have an existing condition or if it’s your first time wearing any type of contacts.

What happens if you carelessly buy coloured contact lenses and incorrectly wear them? A lens might cause abrasion on your cornea or eyeball, possibly resulting in long-term pain or discomfort. You might also experience itchy eyes and excessive tears because of an infection or an allergic reaction. As for the worse consequences due to complete neglect, your vision might get affected, ultimately leading to blindness if no treatment is done as soon as possible.

Of course, there are several ways to prevent any trouble with coloured contacts. The most important one is to consult a specialist to make sure that all factors are considered, including underlying medical or eye conditions.

If you prefer daily disposable lenses, focus on cleaning your hands thoroughly before touching the contacts. Meanwhile, if the monthly replacement type is more convenient for you, proper maintenance is also required aside from ensuring good hygiene.

4. Choose lighter colours for gatherings or events in the evening.

Most parties happening at night use dim lighting mainly for the ambience. If you’re going to wear dark-coloured contact lenses, they might lose their appeal in the shadows. Some beauty experts suggest using slightly brighter colours for your eyes.

If you’re wearing coloured contacts from morning until afternoon, you can use them for comparison. Your nighttime coloured lenses should be a couple of shades lighter.

5. Darker lens colours easily complement brighter hair colours.

Unless you’re trying to imitate a fictional character with an outrageous style, brighter hair colours are surprisingly perfect with darker contact lenses. That makes total sense, though, because you need darker colours to tone down the shocking effect of brighter shades.

If you’re planning to dye your hair with colours like neon green and hot pink, buy some dark brown or black contacts just to mix and match your style even when you have unique hair colour.

6. Any lens colour is perfect for black hair.

If you have black hair, it’s quite easy to choose coloured contact lenses. That’s because the colour virtually matches everything. Purple, blue, and green contacts look stunning with black hair. If you want a more mysterious look, brown lenses perfectly complement smokey eyeshadows.

7. Blonde hair has different shades so there are several eye colours that can complement it.

The lightest shade, which is usually called platinum, is perfect with vivid blue or green eyes because that’s the natural look of many Europeans. For a more unique look, you can go bold with grey contacts.

Meanwhile, for golden blonde hair, grey contact lenses look more natural. Other colours that look stunning with golden hair are black and dark brown.

8. Natural-looking eye colours are best for darker skin tones.

Whether the coloured contact lenses are light or dark, they can certainly match darker skin tones as long as they have a natural appeal. Outrageous colours like bright blue and pink can be pretty distracting unless that’s your goal for a particular event or party. If you just want to improve your look for work or casual days, choose colours like hazel, honey, green, and grey among others.

9. Fair skin goes well with any eye colour.

While black is the most versatile hair colour, fair skin is the most versatile one in terms of complexion. Whether the contact lenses have a pale, vivid, or dark colour, they will surely look good on a person with a lighter skin tone.

Since there are a lot of colour choices for fair-skinned people, we suggest choosing a colour based on your goal for the day or night. If you just want to look good at work or when you’re running errands, darker colours are good enough. For formal events, grey and light blue are quite elegant. If you want to have a bolder look, definitely go for something brighter like bright blue or purple.

10. Think about what your eyes need.

Looking good can be a priority at times, but you should never forget about more important stuff like eye health. You can actually focus on both factors, thanks to the wide range of choices in stores. You can enjoy benefits like UV protection, nonstop moisture, and vision quality as long as you’re meticulous enough in choosing coloured contact lenses.

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