The Case of Daily Contacts – Discard Daily or Wear it For Longer?

Daily Use Contacts

The short answer, you can do both! But before you throw your hands up in frustration because you just threw out a perfectly good pair of colored contacts, hear us out. 

If you have ever looked up contact lenses online, you probably know that these revolutionary devices have two distinct types – extended use and short use. Daily wear lenses fall under the second category, which means these have a shorter shelf life, and you definitely shouldn’t let these be in ‘contact’ beyond its expiry. 

Everything’s pretty straightforward till this point. The actual confusion begins when we bring the two subtypes of daily wear contacts into the picture. These are –  

  • Daily wear disposable contacts
  • Longer daily wear contacts

And, it simply doesn’t help when every marketing material you find uses very similar words to describe the two! So, in this blog, we take it upon ourselves to settle this battle, once and for all. Read on to find out if you were right in throwing away your daily wear contact, or should you have read the small print a little better? Happy reading! 

Daily Use Contacts – How Long is the ‘Daily’?

First things first, let’s be clear with the terminology. The ‘Daily’ part of a daily use contacts refers to how long you can wear them before replacing them. Literally speaking, you should remove all daily wear contacts at the end of the day (you REALLY don’t want to sleep wearing them). But should you dispose of a daily wear contact after using it for a day or continue wearing it for a couple of days, it is a different thing altogether. 

This is where the very important (and usually forgotten) prefix ‘Disposable’ comes into play.

Disposable Daily Wear Contacts are STRICTLY Single-UseONEday contact lenses

So, if you look at the packaging carefully, you will be able to identify whether or not your contact is a disposable type. If it is, you should NEVER reuse them no matter how much you want to. These are disposable for a reason! While single-use contacts are becoming a major hit (and for good reasons), people often make the grave mistake of reusing them beyond their expiry date – which is one day. 

Most of these lenses come in convenient pack sizes of 30 or 90 lenses (1 for each day) and are ideal for you if you are new to using contacts. These reduce chances of infection due to overuse (yes, that is a very real problem), and because you never have to use them again, there’s no need for a cleaning solution! 

Are There Other Types of Daily-Wear Lenses?

Well, yes! Depending on the length of the shelf life, daily wear contacts can be weekly, biweekly, or monthly. So, you have daily disposable contacts, which are good for just a single day, and you have longer-period daily wear contacts. 

Here’s a little bonus for you. 

What Not to Do While Using Daily Wear Contacts?

  • Never wear contacts to bed.
  • Don’t stress about losing your contacts inside your eyes.
  • Never use your nails to hold the lens.
  • Don’t continue wearing contacts if they irritate your eyes.
  • Always keep a backup spectacle with you.

Summing Up

No matter which contacts you choose, you should always remove them before going to sleep. And, needless to say, never exceed the number of days mentioned in the product. If you have any confusion, please consult with your optometrist or the manufacturers before using.

Here’s hoping we could finally settle the battle between disposable and reusable contacts. So, now that you know how long you should wear them, check out our exclusive list of daily-wear contacts and give your eyes the transformation they deserve! 

Happy contacts without prescription shopping

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The Case of Daily Contacts – Discard Daily or Wear it For Longer?

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The Case of Daily Contacts – Discard Daily or Wear it For Longer?

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