How Long Can You Wear Contacts Without Taking Them Out

How Long Can You Wear Contacts Without Taking Them Out

It can be difficult for those new to contact lenses to determine the longest you can wear contacts without taking them out each day. With many lenses to choose from, the specific directions and differences between contact lens types can be intimidating and overwhelming. Nowadays, contact lenses range from one-time wear to FDA-approved overnight lenses.

Irrespective of the type of contacts you have, you can wear them for an entire day without any problem. The total amount of time for which you can wear contacts varies from one person to the other. For instance, some people can wear contacts for 16 hours a day without facing any issues.

However, others should wear contact lenses for only 8 hours a day. The difference in the length of time can be because of individual factors like dry eyes.

Therefore, it is essential to understand the risk of eye infections while using contact lenses. Here are some essential aspects to know about the time duration for which you use contact lenses.

The Risk Factors Associated with Using Contact Lenses Too Long:

Using Contact Lenses Too Long

If you use contact lenses for longer durations, you may suffer from the below-mentioned conditions.

  • Increased chance of developing infectious keratitis
  • Damage to corneal stem cells needed to maintain good vision
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Hypoxia and abnormal blood vessel growth in the cornea

Damage to corneal stem cells can result in permanent blindness.

The Aspect of Using Extended Wear Contact Lenses:

Extended-wear contact lenses are available for overnight or continuous usage. You can mostly use them from one to six nights or up to a month. Extended wear contact lenses are soft contact lenses.

They comprise flexible construction that allows oxygen to pass at a higher rate to the cornea. But the length of continuous wear depends on your eye condition.

Is it Fine to Wear Contact Lenses Overnight?

Sleeping in contact lenses is dangerous as it increases your risk of eye infections. However, if you are using extended-wear lenses, you can use them overnight. Extended wear lenses pass oxygen at a higher rate to your cornea. By using extended wear lenses, you can keep your eyes hydrated for longer durations.

Risks of Developing Contact Lens Intolerance are Real:

If you wear contacts without following the advice of your eye doctor, the risks of developing infections are high. Most people tend to purchase extended-wear contacts to prevent contact lens intolerance.

It is also essential to rinse and clean your contact lens with a sterile contact lens solution. Following the advice of an eye doctor is ideal for preventing inflammation.

How Long Can You Wear Soft Lenses Without Taking Them Out?

Wear Soft Lenses

Wearing contact lenses come with a specific set of requirements. For instance, if you are using soft lenses, you can wear them for a maximum of twelve hours a day.

Soft lenses can keep your cornea hydrated for longer durations. But if you have dry and sensitive eyes, you cannot wear soft lenses for more than eight hours.

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses- How Can You Use Them?

As their name implies, you should wear daily disposable lenses for a single day only. They shouldn’t be worn overnight. They cannot resist microbes and other buildups. Wearing them for extended durations can result in blurred vision.

Therefore, you should refrain from wearing these lenses for extended periods. Daily disposable lenses are ideal for beginners.

Aspects to Know About Daily Lenses:

You can wear daily contact lenses during the day and remove them each night for cleaning and disinfection. You may have to store daily contacts in a contact lens storage case.

The time frame of wearing daily contacts normally varies from eight to twelve hours a day. The usage time also depends on how well your eyes tolerate contacts.

How Can Contact Lens Fitting Affect Your Overall Experience?

Poorly fitting contact lenses can give rise to irritations. Whether you are using GP lenses or rigid gas permeable lenses, a poor fit can affect your vision and experience.

Contact lenses with a proper fit will improve your eye health. A proper fit will also keep eye infections at bay.

How Do the Lens Materials Affect the Comfort of Wearing Contact Lenses?

Apart from contact lens care, you should also know about lens material that can affect your user experience. Contact lenses made with a softer material will allow them to wrap comfortably over the cornea. Moreover, certain materials will pass a higher amount of oxygen to the cornea. You can experience blurred vision if you use lenses made from hard materials.

The total amount of time you use your contacts depends on various factors. Lenses worn repeatedly without following the doctor’s suggestions can lead to vision loss. Always consult your doctor before wearing contact lenses for extended durations.

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