Future Contact Lenses: What Can You Expect?

Contact lenses have always been considered as one of the main solutions for vision problems. However, some companies and researchers believe that those things can go beyond their original purpose. Read on to find out the recent developments in the world of smart lenses.

Self-Moisturizing Technology

Let’s start with the simplest, most probable one. We’re fully aware that contact lenses for dry eyes already exist, but they only rely on water content and oxygen permeability. Those two go hand in hand, yes, but there’s a better alternative in theory. After all, clean air isn’t guaranteed all the time. Besides, the fluid inside most lenses for dry eyes can only provide minimal moisture in a limited amount of time.

Regarding the theory we mentioned earlier, some researchers from Tohoku University have managed to develop some sort of automatic moisturizing technology in contact lenses. Their goal is to keep the layer between the lens and the eye wet to prevent irritation.

To make that possible, the researchers decided to add a certain mechanism to maintain the moisture. Using the electroosmotic flow system, the self-moisturizing contact lens will rely on voltage. The current added in the hydrogel material can force tears to come out of the temporary reservoir to spread all over your eye’s surface.

Since we’re talking about voltage here, the lens will definitely need a source of power. That’s why the researchers are also thinking of ways to apply tiny batteries without hurting your eyes. So far, they’ve revealed that magnesium-oxygen and fructose-oxygen are safe enough as biobatteries since they’re non-toxic.

As of this writing, the next plan of the researchers is to develop a more durable material for the system. They also need to make sure that the technology can work even with the weakest current possible.

Built-In Recorder

If you’re watching the popular sci-fi show “Black Mirror,” surely you’re aware of the concept that the eye can capture photos or record videos with the right kind of technology. It turns out that the idea isn’t too far-fetched due to the fact that Sony has managed to acquire a patent very similar to the technological design we just mentioned.

Sony’s future contact lens is packed with features. It may contain a sensor, data storage, circuit, antenna, control unit, wireless processor, and image capture sections. All of those features aim to let the user record videos just by blinking.

Now, that sounds inconvenient, right? After all, it’s in our nature to blink. According to the patent, the solution is to ensure that the lens will be able to detect which blinks are meant for recording.

What about the power supply? That’s the responsibility of the sensor. The sensor is designed to convert your eye’s kinetic energy into something that can activate the lens.

For now, Sony’s design is still not functional for such a small device. However, Sony, as well as other companies like Google, are determined to make it a reality.

Screen Display

Have you ever felt annoyed when you keep on switching your focus over two devices to finish tasks like encoding or computing? Some people do, and the company Mojo Vision has an idea they might appreciate. Simply called the Mojo lens, this device can help you see a screen while you’re literally looking at something else. It can eliminate the need for using multiple devices when you do office work or business.

Not only that, but the company also aims to help the users have a better vision when it comes to reading texts or analyzing details. The lens may let you adjust the brightness, contrast, or focus of the screen to lower the risk of clerical or computation errors. It can significantly improve the efficiency of any workplace.

Just like Sony’s smart contacts, the Mojo lens can still give you complete control over the presence of the screen display.  The screen will only appear when you need it. It can fade away once you’re done with your task.

Will this device be available to the public soon? It seems that the company still has a long way to go because of its progress.  Right now, it only has the prototype for further research, analysis, and development. Don’t worry; a lot of companies are investing in Mojo Vision to speed up the process. At least $100M has been collected from business giants like HP Tech Ventures, LG Electronics, and Motorola Solutions.

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The Pros and Cons of Future Contact Lenses

Every technological advancement is a risk. Yes, smart contact lenses can really make your life easier, but safety isn’t guaranteed. A tiny factory error, especially on contacts using voltage, current, or any power supply, can instantly harm your eyes.

Safety isn’t just about eye health. What about privacy? Just imagine the conflicts that may arise when somebody’s secretly recording a video of sensitive information like credit card details and office documents.

Let’s not forget the high cost of maintaining hi-tech contacts. A malfunctioning video recorder, for example, obviously requires a repair or a replacement. As for the Mojo lens, what if it stops working and you’re left with a frozen screen you can’t remove from your sight? See, nothing’s perfect.


Some of the innovations we’re looking forward to are the self-moisturizing, video recording, and screen display contact lenses. The first one’s from the researchers of Tohoku University, the video recorder from Sony’s patent, and the screen display from Mojo Vision. All of these designs are meant to improve the functionality of contacts. While lenses are solely for vision improvement and beauty purposes nowadays, in the future, they can be more than that thanks to technological advancements.

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