How to Take Care of Contact Lenses without Prescription?

Contacts Without Prescription

Contact lenses are fragile and should be handled with care. A little negligence can destroy them. When a contact lens is fitted, the optician-optometrist evaluates aspects such as the general and ocular health of the patient, the state of the eye, the measurement of the cornea and more importantly monitors the adaptation process periodically. The optician-optometrist also teaches the handling, cleaning and disinfection guidelines essential to minimize any possible risk. They also recommend the hours of use and the frequency of replacement of the lenses.

Here are some factors to read even if you wear contacts without prescription:

– Customized adaptation: It is essential to go to an optician-optometrist to make a personalized adaptation of the contact lenses. Since not all eyes are neither the same nor all lenses having the same measurements.

– Use and duration: You should not wear glasses longer than recommended or beyond the date you have to dispose them. You should not sleep with them either.

– Conservation: To keep the lenses properly they should always be stored in a lens holder and only use the maintenance solutions prescribed by the optician-optometrist. The solution for cleaning and storing contact lenses should never be reused. Follow the user’s instruction manual and keep changing the liquid when recommended, no matter you use them regularly or not.

– Hygiene: It is advisable to properly wash your hands. You must handle them after drying your hands thoroughly. Clean them with care on regular intervals, following the specific instructions of your optician-optometrist. The contact lenses should be rubbed thoroughly with the fingers and then rinsed properly before immersing them in the solution overnight.

– Prescription:  You have the right to receive a copy of your eyeglass prescription at the end of the eye exam and a copy of your contact lens prescription at the end of the fitting sessions (you may need more than one fitting session).
– Up to date: File it along with the rest of your medical documentation and keep it up to date when you need it.

– Send the prescription of your contact lenses: You can buy your contact lenses elsewhere and not necessarily in the establishment of the professional who cares for your vision problems. That salesperson must verify the prescription with the professional who issued it, unless you have given a copy of the prescription. You can begin the verification process by giving it certain information – for example the type of lenses, the name of the manufacturer, the year of passing, the curvature and the diameter.

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