Tearing of Contact Lenses. How to Prevent it?

Contacts are costly. So there is a big chance you’ll cry out in anger if you tear them out. Some people have experienced some sort of grief with the situation – this kind of grief is called bargaining. What happens is that you might be thinking about whether the torn lens can be reused in any way. Some people even believe that it can be managed for the time being.

Those are not good decisions. It is best to keep the torn contact lens from your eye to prevent other eye-related problems. That is why it is better to learn all the necessary precautions to avoid ripping contacts. These simple precautionary steps include trimming your nails and keeping the contact lens stuffed with its solution.

In that case, here is a full guide to explain what you should do when your contacts come ripped, and how to avoid the situation altogether.

Can You Wear Ripped Contact Lenses?

Removing broken contact lenses

The big answer is NO! Well, you can wear them, but it is best and also medically recommended to avoid ripped contact lenses. But why is this so? What are the things that a ripped lens would cause if you wear them?

  1. Bad Fitting: To start with, a damaged contact won’t work as effectively as an intact contact. It means that rips prevent the lens from maintaining the exact curvature required by your eye. Thus, it is unlikely that it will suit you well.
  2. Blurred Vision and Bad Focus: The lens will also have less focus on the eye. Having eyes that are moving from center to center can cause blurred vision in the face.
  3. Corneal Abrasions: A broken lens can be fatal. It has rounded edges that can scratch the cornea and face the eye. It can also easily be trapped underneath the eyelid.
  4. Rashes that can lead to Permanent Loss of Sight: The discomfort can also cause rashes on the cornea which can damage the eyelids and cause vision damage.

In the case that they have been placed, consult an eye doctor immediately, because it is important to ensure that the damage does not affect the eye. If you have some pieces sticking to your eyelids, take professional care to get rid of them. That is why it is better to prevent ripping contacts because if they are torn, you should throw them away.

What to Do if Your Soft Contact Lenses Rip?

Many lens users can easily tear their contact lenses. The tearing of contacts in the eyes can irritate as well. But, understandably, it’s expensive to have it replaced. However, it is more fatal to wear torn contact lenses.

Torn contact lenses tend to irritate the eyes. If they come ripped, you should never use them again. Soft lenses tend to break because of their increased fragility.

Since it’s clear that wearing worn contact lenses isn’t advisable. Then that leaves only one solution. When you have torn contact lenses, THROW THEM AWAY!

How to Avoid Tearing Contacts

glasses and contact lenses on table

The following are things you need to take note of if you want to prevent your soft contact lenses from ripping.

Keep the Lenses Moist

The first thing you would need to do is to keep your lens moist. Before wearing contact lenses, moisturize them with either saline solution, or moisturizing eye spray. Avoid using water because it could contain unhealthy deposits.

Avoid Taking Contact Lens Out of Dry Eyes

Environmental factors such as air-conditioned air temperature and wind can cause dry eyes as well as spending too many hours at a computer. Therefore, contact lens tears can occur if the eyes have dried up. So before taking contacts out of your eye, add a few drops of recommended and prescribed eye drops to your eye. Don’t forget to do so with clean hands. Using only your thumb and index finger to remove the contacts gently.

Keep your lens case full with contact solution

Another thing you need to note if you want to avoid ripping contacts is to use a contact lens solution in your lens case. While it is essential to always keep your lens stored in the manufacturer’s lens case, you also need to ensure that the contacts are protected with the contact solution and not in water. Never keep the lenses inside the lens case without a solution.

Keep Your Fingernails Neat and Trimmed

Keep Your Fingernails Neat and Trimmed

Finally, long fingernails may damage soft contact lenses while taking them off. If you have long nails, and you have a dry lens at the same time, you would likely end up with torn lenses while trying to take them off. You must be careful, so it is better to use a finger pad and not your nails.

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Tearing of Contact Lenses. How to Prevent it?

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Everyone knows how expensive contact lenses are. The same goes for the solution and the case. That is why it is only wise that you protect and take proper care of your lenses so that they can last for a long time Soft contact lenses are also durable as long as you keep your nails short, use eye drops and you keep the lenses hydrated. Contact ripping is also inevitable when the lenses are mishandled. Avoid cleaning them too hard and avoid harsh chemicals. Use only the gentle formula found in contact lens cleaners and don’t scratch your cornea or eye when you have them on.

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