Contact Lenses and Dry Eye Syndrome

dry eye syndrom

dry eye syndrom dry eye syndrome

Dry eye syndrome

A very common eye problem that results from constant wearing of contact lenses is dry eye syndrome. This happens when the tear flow in the eye gets affected. The primary function of the tear film is to keep the eyes lubricated for clearer vision. The problem arises due to reduced secretion of tears or over evaporation of tears in the eyes. This can cause inflammation and itching. Among the symptoms of dry eye syndrome, the most common are excess watering, burning eyes, redness and blurred vision. As per research, nearly 20% of the population suffers from dry eyes.
Prolonged wearing of contact lenses is found to be the most common reason for developing dry eye. The two major components used for making contact lenses are for polymer and water. There are some lenses that have more than 60% water. The water in contact lenses helps moisten the eyes and also offers comfort to the wearer. However, as the number of hours wearing contact lenses increase the water in the lens begins to evaporate, this leads to absorption of water from the tear film by the lenses.

Youe can choose:

Daily disposable contact lenses

Two weeks disposable contact lenses

It is true that there are no contact lenses specifically made for the recovery of dry eye. However, there are many manufacturers who use higher quality materials to create softer and customised contact lenses to deal with this issue. You can get these contacts without prescription as well. By reducing the amount of water used to make contact lenses the absorption of water from the tear film can be reduced. Silicon hydrogen lenses have just 30% water, which is a lot less than regular contact lenses.

Few of the most effective tips for reducing dry eye syndrome include, usage of wetting drops, soaking the lens at regular intervals, replacing the lens after using for a certain period, and proper maintaining of contact lenses. When you buy contacts without prescription, try buying the ones that are made for long term use. It will greatly help. Frequent blinking of the eyes also helps. Eye drops can also be used to combat dry eye syndrome

Rigid gas permeable contact lenses.

There are many eye specialists who recommend using rigid gas permeable contact lenses for wearers suffering from dry eye syndrome. RGP lenses are made without water, which solves the problem of absorbing water from the tear film. However, it might aggravate the inflammation and irritation in the dry eye. Patients looking for a remedy from dry eye syndrome should consult a doctor before replacing contact lenses.

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