Contact Lenses and Makeup: Tips for a Flawless and Safe Application.

Just because you have contact lenses on does not mean you can’t apply makeup as with the others. But you might need to be careful about the application, especially when it comes to your eyes.

Wearing contacts makes your eyes more vulnerable, especially because your lenses don’t like dirt (and makeup products could also be called dirt in the ‘contact lenses dictionary’).

So, what can you do? In this article, you’ll learn how to apply makeup to your eyes while wearing contacts.

Should You Put in Your Contacts Before or After Makeup Application?

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This is the golden rule: Use contact lenses before applying makeup products!

There’s a reason you’re wearing contact lenses (to see more clearly). So, how would you be able to apply your eye makeup if your view is not clear?

When you have your contact lenses on, you’ll get a wider eye area suitable for seeing more clearly. Hence, you’d be able to apply makeup better.

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Makeup Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

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Tip 1. Start With Clean Hands

Before going into your eyes with makeup, wash your hands with mild soap and water. You must also ensure that all the soap is completely washed off because the soap remnants might irritate your eyes.

You should clean off the water with a dry, soft towel before you get into your eyes.

Tip 2. Look for Oil-free Makeup

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While oily makeup might be great for those with dry skin, it may affect your eyes and lenses in the long run.

Oily makeup products smear and irritate your eyes. It also attracts dust and dirt more often. An oil-free makeup product makes it less likely to get this smear into your eye.

Tip 3. Prevent Contaminants From Getting Into Your Eyes

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The best way to achieve this for contact lens wearers is to reduce heavy makeup, especially on your eyes. The heavier the makeup, the more likely the products get into your eyes, which can lead to eye irritation, itching, redness, or worse.

Also, if you wear any spraying products, close your eyes before you spray. This applies to any makeup finisher, makeup remover, or primer.

Tip 4. Use fibre-free mascara and replace every three months

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Fibre mascara tends to make your eyelashes appear longer and fuller. Since the hair is thinner and softer, it brushes through your lashes like butter. But it’s best you stay away from it if you are a contact lens wearer.

Here’s why:

Fibre hairs can sometimes flake, which can jab your cornea and your contact lens. You already know how bad that can be. To prevent this from happening, choose fibre-free mascara instead.

Eyelash Growth Booster

For those who are used to the look of fuller lashes, you can invest in an eyelash growth booster, which helps to grow your natural lashes into a thick and long appearance.

Some research has also confirmed that when you apply essential oils to the root of your lash hairs and with a little bit of massage, you can get some growth.

Tip 5. Use an Ophthalmologist-Approved, Waterproof Mascara

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Maybe you prefer being safer; opt for an ophthalmologist-approved, waterproof mascara. Not only does it build your lash volume up to 400 percent, but the mascara has also been proven to ward off water.

That means that when you wear this mascara, your lenses and eyes are protected from leaks, drops, stains, or splashes.

Tip 6. Minimize Fallout With Liquid Eyeshadow

Concerning drops and stains, powdered eyeshadow is not recommended for those wearing contact lenses.

Since you’d be wearing your contacts before the makeup, protecting your lenses from the fallout is almost impossible when dabbing your eye with powdered eyeshadow.

While it might not be convenient, it is in the best interest of your contact lenses to apply your makeup using liquid, colorful shadows.

Tip 7. Keep Your Contacts Clean

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With or without eye makeup, you must take care of your contact lenses. Fixing dirty lenses will not only hurt your eyes, but it can damage your vision as well.

Use a recommended cleaning solution to clean your lenses when needed.

Also, never use makeup remover to clean your lenses, even if you have some products on them.

Tip 8. Avoid Makeup on Your Waterline

Amng the many makeup tips for contact lens wearers is to keep the makeup from your under-eye area. Your waterline is where your eyelids meet when you close your eyes. Located on the bottom of your lashline, it’s also where water tends to sip out when you apply eyeliner for tight lining.

Normally, this is a recommended step during eye makeup. But if you wear contact lenses in your eyes, skip this step to avoid over-blinking, which can cause your lens to shift.

Tip 9. Use Creams or Pressed Powder

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It’s not just about eye shadows. Even powders should not be loose. Stick to creams or pressed cases to protect your eyes when applying makeup.

The same goes for blush, highlighter, contour, and other related makeup items that could get into your eyes if the wind blows too high.

Tip 10. Use Liquid Eyeliner or Opt for a Buttery Liner

Instead of the crayon eyeliner, opt for the liquid ones that stick like butter. It mustn’t be too watery, or else, it could drop in your eyes (bad scenario).

But just in case the liner does get into your eyes, here’s what you can do;

Remove your makeup using makeup remover immediately. Then remove your contacts and clean them in the cleaning solution. Depending on how much the liner affected your eye, you might also need to wash your eye clean. Right after, place in your lenses and begin your makeup again, more carefully.

Note that you have to be more careful when applying makeup with contacts.

Tip 11. Wash brushes and applicators regularly

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Finally, take the time to wash your brushes and applicators. Depending on how often you use it, once to twice a month is recommended.

To properly clean your applicator, boil a cup or a bowl of clean water and leave it to cool until it is warm. This way, you’re certain that the water itself does not contain any germs that can later affect or irritate your eyes.

After the water has cooled (up to a warm or lukewarm temperature), soak your brushes in the water and allow all the products to leach into the water. You could add some soap to the water if you wish, but this is not compulsory.

Leave the brushes and applicators in the water for about five to 10 minutes before going in again. Drain the makeup brushes and pour another batch of soapy water into a bowl filled with the brushes. This time, it is for washing.

With your hands, wash the remaining products off the applicators until they are neat. Rinse off after washing and leave to air dry.

Remember to do this every month, biweekly, or weekly to keep your eyes and contact lenses safe from fallouts.

Skin Care, Face Makeup, And Nail Products For Sensitive Skin

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Besides the eyes and lenses, you must take proper care of your skin, face, and nails. Invest in makeup and creams that promote healthy skin. The right face makeup promotes eye health as well, especially when it comes to primer and makeup finisher. Therefore, wear products that promote your skin health, and don’t hesitate to contact a dermatologist for the best products to use for your face. This is even more important if you have sensitive skin.