Daily Disposable Contact Lenses for Everyday Makeup

Just imagine seeing blurred images every single day of your life. Sure, you can simply wear eyeglasses, but they just make some everyday activities seem impossible to accomplish like morning runs, gym sessions, and even simpler tasks like applying makeup. That’s why contact lenses are crucial for most lifestyles.

However, when it comes to putting on makeup, you can’t just wear any type of contact lenses. Most contacts are specifically designed for vision problems, but they come in different variations in terms of maintenance or replacement. While some lenses require regular cleaning and storage, others can be discarded right after use.

Nobody stops you from wearing monthly contact lenses if you’re always applying makeup, but there are much safer options out there. To completely eliminate the risk of contaminating your contacts with makeup substances, choose something that won’t require multiple usages for each lens. And, that’s where daily disposable lenses come in.

With daily disposables, you don’t have to move your mirror too much anymore just to see things clearly. However, they’re so much more than that. Find out why this variation is perfect for makeup wearers.

Why are daily disposable contact lenses best for makeup wearers?

Glasses can clearly affect the way you apply your eye makeup and other substances like primer, concealer, and foundation, making contact lenses the better options. But, since contacts come in different variations, we need to emphasize the importance of choosing one-day lenses if you’re wearing makeup every day.

These are the reasons why daily disposable contact lenses are best for people wearing makeup:

  • Lower risk of irritation: Daily disposable contacts should only be used once. They’re meant for single-use, nothing more.
  • A higher level of oxygen permeability: A standard daily disposable lens is composed of silicone hydrogel, a soft material that allows more oxygen to reach your cornea for better vision quality and maximum comfort.
  • Constant moisture: Sufficient moisture in your eye should be more consistent for a lighter feeling, which is a given with daily disposable contact lenses.
  • Longer-lasting makeup: Because of direct contact with your skin and more moisture on your makeup due to the added warmth, glasses tend to lose the hold of your foundation and other similar substances. That rarely happens with contact lenses in general.
  • Catchier eye makeup: Since you can apply your eye makeup better with daily disposables, the quality of your final look can be more intricate and attractive with additional details and colours.
  • Cheaper maintenance cost: The only maintenance you need with daily disposable contacts is you have to buy a new box every month. There’s no need for you to purchase a storage case and a bottle of contact solution at all.
  • Easier replacement: If you lose one pair, just take another one from the box. Generally, monthly contact lenses only come in six pieces per box at most, unlike daily contacts with their usual 30-pack.
  • For active lifestyles: Sweat can easily contaminate contacts, so you should only use a pair of lenses once if you’re an active person.
  • Travel-friendly: Just take several daily contacts in your bag and you’re good to go. Common problems among travellers include lost storage cases and spilling contact solution.

Tips about Makeup and Contact Lenses

The idea of wearing both makeup and contact lenses isn’t rocket science. Just make sure you’ll put in your contacts first before applying any substance to prevent touching the lenses with fingers covered in makeup. Don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly in the first place.

Additionally, when using a brush, remember to TAP it first to shake off excess powder. We don’t recommend brushing it on your hand or blowing it to avoid contaminating the lenses with dust, dirt, or your saliva. If the powder gets into your contacts even just a little bit, it will feel so gritty or rough like sand.

Here’s a bonus tip: everyday makeup makes more sense if it looks more natural and fresh. If you’re going to focus on your eye makeup, we suggest keeping your lips light and soft with a gentle tint and a bit of moisture.

How to Choose the Right Disposable Contacts for Your Eyes and Lifestyle

Daily disposable contact lenses also come in a wide variety of options. If you have astigmatism, use one that can correct refractive error. Better vision in low light is also a huge plus. Meanwhile, if you’re always outdoors, you can opt for something that can filter harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun.

For comfort, there are one-day contacts that can produce instant moisture similar to natural tears for a smoother, more refreshing feeling for 16 hours. And, for cosmetic purposes, you should know that some lenses can only enhance your eye colour while others can totally change it. It’s all up to your preferences.

Since we’re talking about choosing the right products, you should also pick the right type of makeup for your eyes. Always go for oil-free options. Oil may reach your contact lenses during hot days, affecting your vision.


It only makes sense to wear contact lenses while applying makeup. Glasses will only stop you from fully applying eye makeup and face foundation. For safety, however, it’s more hygienic to specifically use daily disposable contacts.

One-day contact lenses are more comfortable and convenient, especially for active people. And, the best part? With the right product, you can finally correct astigmatism or see things perfectly even in dim light.

Always remember to wash your hands before inserting your contact lenses and use oil-free eye makeup to prevent replacing your lenses all the time due to excess moisture.

Where to Buy One-Day Lenses

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