Daily vs. Monthly Contacts: Which is Right for You?

Over a hundred million people use contacts for different reasons. They give your eyes freedom, and you don’t need to worry about them jumping around or hindering your vision. But there is more than one type of contact lens, and if you’re new to this, you might be a little confused when choosing between daily contact lenses and monthly contacts. This guide will clear things up for you.

Daily VS Monthly Contact Lenses: Which Is Better For You?

Choosing one of the two is not something you can do on impulse. Before making the decision, you’ll need to understand what daily and monthly contacts are. You’ll also need to learn the pros and cons of both contacts, the effects of wearing them, and the maintenance required. That said, let’s start with the definitions.

Daily Contacts

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As their name suggests, these are contact lenses that you wear and dispose of daily. Also known as disposable contact lenses, you’ll need to dispose of the contacts at the end of the day. Daily contact lenses that have been used cannot be re-used the following day, even with proper care.

Monthly Contact Lenses

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On the other hand, monthly contacts can be used repeatedly for a month. Less prone to rips or tears, they are also thicker and less comfortable. Monthly contacts require frequent cleaning and more maintenance, and most of all, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a new pair daily.

Safety Tips for Contact Lens Wear

Note that regardless of whether you are using daily lenses or monthly ones, you need to adhere to the safety tips. Here are a few to note:

  • Never use water to clean your contacts. Use a cleaning solution.
  • Don’t touch or rub your eye while using contacts.
  • Don’t sleep with your lenses.
  • Don’t allow water to touch your lenses. For example, don’t swim or shower with your contacts.

Look at Your Prescription

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Most prescriptions would require you to opt for monthly contacts. Nonetheless, their thickness could be overwhelming for new users. The best option is to speak to your eye doctor and decide which contact lenses are best for you.

For instance, you may have an eye defect that requires you to use a fresh pair of contacts daily. If so, you would need more daily lenses than monthly ones. On the other hand, if your eye doctor recommends using monthly lenses, you must start adjusting your lifestyle for less waste and more lens solutions.

Daily Contact Lenses vs. Monthly Cost

Let’s look at cost: Which of these contacts is more expensive at the end of the day?

Daily contact lenses would require you to purchase a new pair each day, which would end up being more costly than the monthly lenses that you’ll only get once. However, if you consider the cost of cleaning solutions, daily contact might not be as expensive.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing Between Daily and Monthly Contacts

Below are the factors to look into before being pulled into the choice between daily or monthly contacts.

  1. The condition of your eyes.
  2. Your prescription.
  3. Comfort
  4. Cost
  5. Lifestyle

What’s the Difference Between Daily and Monthly Contacts?

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By now, you should already know the difference between both contacts, but just for emphasis: Daily lenses are those worn in a single use, to be disposed of by the end of the day, while monthly contacts are those that can be worn, cleaned, disinfected, and re-used for 30 days.

How Often Will You Wear Contacts?

This has to do with how you plan to use your lenses. If you prefer wearing your contacts once in a while, then you’ll do better with daily contacts. However, for those who have their lenses most of the time, all day, every day, it is better to go for the monthly lenses.

Your Prescription and Eye Conditions

The prescription and condition of your eyes also matter. : If you have sensitive eyes, you might benefit from using daily contacts rather than the repeated use of monthly lenses. Nonetheless, most prescriptions are offered as monthlies. Therefore, there’s a big chance that the doctor would recommend monthly lenses for your eyes. However, if the prescription comes in daily lenses as well, then you’re in luck – if that was going to be your choice.

Comfort and Risk of Infection

The benefit of daily contact is that there is a lesser risk of infections. The lens only gets to stay in your eye for that day, and you’ll dispose of it after. With monthly lenses, you might have to worry about the risk of infection and maintenance.

Consider Your Lifestyle

When it comes to contacts, they blend excessively into your lifestyle. That’s why if you work in places with high water-lens contact tendencies (that is, places where water can touch your lens, e.g., swimming), it’s better to use the dailies. People who work in a controlled environment can do better with monthly contact lenses.

How Many Hours Can You Wear Monthly vs. Daily Contacts?

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You can wear monthly contacts for 30 days and all the hours in between. However, daily contact lenses are only valid 24 hours after opening them. While you can take out and put back in monthly contacts, daily contacts do not allow such flexibility. However, if you are not accustomed to using contact lenses, the dailies might not be an issue.

Are Daily Contacts Better Than Monthly Ones?

There is no winner because both lenses have their benefits and disadvantages. Monthly lenses are best for those who prefer stability over comfort. There is less wastage but more investment in maintenance and cleaning. Additionally, most prescriptions recommend the use of monthlies.

On the other hand, daily contact lenses are not best for those who want stability since they require purchasing a new one every day. However, if you’re not a constant user, this will come in handy. There is no need to worry about maintenance and cleaning, but you might not get your prescription in a daily lens.

So, is one better than the other? No.

Which Do You Think is Best for You?

The best one depends on your eyes, age, prescription, lifestyle, budget, and, mostly, your eye doctor. Take the time to discuss with your doctor to know which of these is best for you.

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