Can You Order Contact Lenses Without a Prescription if You Can’t Leave the House?

Millions of people around the world need contact lenses. But, due to drastic circumstances such as community quarantines caused by the current pandemic, it’s best to stay at home and simply order a new pair online.

There’s a potential problem, though. Since people are usually required to show a prescription before buying contact lenses, is that also necessary in online stores?

Good news! You can order online without a prescription from retailers like Contact Lenses 4 Us. However, there’s going to be a big risk if you’re unsure about what your eyes really need. If it’s your first time buying contacts, you have no choice but to consult an optometrist or ophthalmologist.

And, if you think you can use a prescription intended for eyeglasses, nothing good will come out of that. Eyeglasses’ prescriptions are significantly different from contact lenses’ because glasses are positioned approximately 12 millimetres from the eyes.

More importantly, are you even sure you can wear contact lenses? Having a condition like dry eyes or blepharitis can make contacts uncomfortable or worse–unsafe.

Can you use someone else’s contact lenses instead?

What if you can’t buy online? Is it okay to use someone else’s contact lenses?


Trying on another person’s contact lenses and even lending your own is too dangerous. The biggest threat is bacterial contamination.

Though all of our eyes contain a lot of bacteria that aren’t necessarily harmful, the ones we have may not be good for someone else. Of course, let’s not forget about the risk of borrowing from a person who doesn’t observe good hygiene. What if he seldom washes his hands before touching his contact lenses? You’re more likely to suffer from an infection.

But, what if the contact lenses you’re going to wear are still brand-new? You’re looking at another risk–eye abrasion.

Prescribed contact lenses are fitted to the exact size and configuration of a person’s eye. A little irregularity on the fit may already damage the eye’s surface.

Contact lenses also have varying powers, depending on the required correction for a person’s eyes. That’s why wearing other people’s lenses can cause permanent damage to your vision.

Protect your eyes by visiting a specialist who can prescribe the best fit. Again, you should never use someone else’s contact lenses.

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What can I put my contacts in without a case?

What if you lost or accidentally destroyed your contact lens case and you can’t purchase online? Are there any alternatives?

Surprisingly, you can use two clean glasses, one for each lens, filled with saline solution. However, this should only be done for a few days. It’s still your responsibility to purchase a contact lens case as soon as possible. Another alternative is to borrow an empty lens case, but it’s crucial to check it first for possible cracks and clean all surfaces thoroughly before placing your contacts inside.

Just in case you’re unsure of the correct procedure, here are the steps on how to clean and maintain any type of contact lens case:

  1. Before handling anything, you must first clean your hands properly, of course.
  2. Remove or discard the contents of the case, if any.
  3. Then, pour a small amount of lens solution into the case.
  4. With the solution, gently scrub the surfaces inside the case–especially the corners–using a clean, lint-free rag or your washed fingertips.
  5. Rinse the case using fresh drops of lens solution straight from the bottle (never use water for it will only add bacteria around the case).
  6. After rinsing, let it dry by placing the case above a clean piece of tissue paper.
  7. When the case dries out, pour a fresh lens solution.
  8. Place the contact lens case in a moist-free environment.
  9. To take good care of the case for long-term use, you should wash it weekly at most.
  10. Stop using the case once it’s broken.
  11. Replace the case every three months due to microscopic buildup.

Can you use water for contacts?

When you run out of contact lens solution, can you use water instead? The answer is a big NO.

The water itself contains a lot of bacteria and microorganisms. It may be safe to drink, but some bacteria may affect your eyes on prolonged contact.

Another problem with water is that it can make soft contact lenses lose their real form, become swollen, and get too sticky, which is obviously too uncomfortable because of scratches or infection. We can’t stress this enough: it’s important to prevent your contact lens from being exposed to any type of water.

If your contact lenses are exposed to water for some reason, remove them from your eyes immediately and discard them. You may disinfect them the whole night, but this is probably going to cause some problems in the future.

The safest alternative, if your only problem is contact lens solution, is to use daily disposables. They usually come in 30-pack boxes so you can wear a fresh pair every day for a month. They don’t need any maintenance items like storage cases and saline solutions because each pair is only meant to be used once for a limited number of hours.


To sum it all up, you can purchase contact lenses online without a prescription–at your own risk. But, if you really value your eyes’ health, it’s imperative to have at least one yearly checkup with a licensed professional. And, before deciding on wearing contacts, it’s also important to evaluate your way of life so you can choose between daily disposables and monthly replacements. No matter which type you’re going to wear, always wash your hands first to protect your delicate eyes. Safety will always be the number priority.

Where to Buy Contact Lenses Without a Prescription

We at Contact Lenses 4 Us are always proud to tell people around the world that they can buy any of our available products without prescriptions. Our priority is to give you the chance to purchase high-quality contact lenses right in the comforts of your own home. Options like the Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus ToricAir Optix Aqua Multifocal, and 1-Day Acuvue Trueye are just some of the top-notch lenses you can expect from our online store.

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Can You Order Contact Lenses Without a Prescription if You Can’t Leave the House?


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