Can You Get Contact Lenses Without Prescription?

Contact lenses categories

Contact lenses are available in two categories, first one is sight-correcting and the second one is cosmetic. What is the difference between both lenses? The sight-correcting lenses are to correct your vision that you can wear on the lieu of glasses and the cosmetics lenses are those that used to change the appearance or colour of the eyes, but don’t affect your vision and are available in colours. Sight-correcting lenses are those lenses that you can get after a proper eye check-up and according to your eyesight same as for glasses and for that a proper prescription is required to display to the shopkeeper to get the right lens. Where cosmetic lenses are like a fashion accessory people use to change the appearance of their eyes and for what prescription are not needed.

What is contact lenses  Rx ?

What is a prescription and what is the protagonist of prescription in lens buying process? Well, the prescription is a piece of paper that you get from a doctor to get the right contact lens for you and if someone asks for a prescription from you, then generally he is asking for the same piece of paper. Hope this instance was enough to clear the concept of prescription, but our concern is can you get contact lenses without prescription, then the answer is a straight YES, but somewhat complicated also as getting lenses without prescription is easy, especially when you are living in the ear of the internet, but it is legal in few parts of the world like Canada otherwise it in most of the countries it is illegal to purchase or sell contact lenses without prescription.

Why people buy contact lenses without any proper prescription? There are several reasons for what some people prefer to order contact lenses without prescription such as for avoiding proper eye check-up in order to censor the cost and time, people who already had a check-up and buy contact lenses according to the verdict of last check-up or else people who just purchase it for fashion purpose are those who avoid prescriptions. Why doctor’s prescription is required or why it is necessary? The law of the entity may often seem illogical and unjust, but try to understand the motive behind as people have only one pair of eyes and they can get harmed through their single slackness. The law concerning the usage of and supply of contact lenses which even has been tightened up in recent years.

Is it safe to purchase contact lenses without a prescription?

In other words, it is quite difficult to attain contact lenses without prescription, but though it is not impossible in the new era. The question is – is it safe to purchase contact lenses without check-up and prescription or should you purchase contact lenses without like this? Well, it is recommended to get the prescription before purchasing contact lenses as it is a concern of your eyes, but if you are buying cosmetic lenses, then avoiding prescription is not a big concern, but if you are buying sight-correcting lenses, then you should not ignore a proper prescription.

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Can You Get Contact Lenses Without Prescription?

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Can You Get Contact Lenses Without Prescription?


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