Contact Lenses Without Prescription

contact lens non prescription

Is It Legal to Buy Contact Lenses Without Prescription in Europe?

Many people are confused about the legality of buying contact lenses without prescription. They feel that when they buy without a prescription online, they are doing something illegal.

This article will shed some light on this subject and help you better understand the law on buying contact lenses without prescription.

This rule requires contact lens retailers to sell only when the buyer presents a valid prescription. Online sellers who operate and ship from the US, must contact the prescribing doctor indicated by the buyer in the prescription form that they filled out and verify the prescription.

The Contact Lens Rule applies to the purchase and sale of ANY TYPE of contact lens in the Europe. This includes contact lenses worn as part of costumes and for cosmetic use. The reason for this is that contact lenses are considered as medical devices. It is placed in the eye which is a sensitive part of the body. Irresponsible use of contact lenses may cause eye and vision problems.

Under the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumer Act, you can request for your prescription from your eye doctor so you can look around for the best deal and the doctor must give you a copy free of charge. Your eye doctor cannot force you to buy your contact lenses from them by not giving you a copy of your prescription. They are also mandated to verify the prescriptions they issued if you authorized a contact lens retailer to call them.

Our company, Contactlenses4us, ships from Europe and as such, we are not required to verify your prescriptions under the Contact Lens Rule. We can sell contact lenses without prescription. We are offering this service because we understand that if your prescription is up-to-date and accurate, sometimes you just want the convenience of being able to purchase online. We offer the option of a hassle-free lens replacement.

So, even if you live in the outsite Europe, you can purchase contact lenses from us legally. We trust that you know your prescriptions and are just shopping around for more cost effective solutions to your eye care needs. We offer different types of contact lenses from trusted brands and you can easily find one to suit your requirement.

To summarize, you won’t be breaking any law if you buy contact lenses without prescriptions. Contactlenses4us ships from Europe and it is legal for us to sell contact lenses without prescriptions. As an adult, you can take responsibility for your own eye care needs and choose the option that is most convenient and cost-effective for you.

contact lens non prescription

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