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Contact lens is one of the most impressive inventions made by mankind. It is a replacement of normal glass which not only helps a person to correct vision but also to change their appearance. It is basically a medical device which is placed on the cornea of the eye and used for a corrective function of vision.

The benefit of Contact lenses is as follows:

  • The contact lenses are virtually weightless and invisible. This is the reason it is regarded as comfortable compared to the glasses.
  • Opposed to conventional glasses it has no frame that distorts certain considerable points.
  • It provides a better field view because it moves with the eyes.
  • Modern Contact Lenses are available with UV protection built into the material. It can protect your eyes instead of wearing goggles.

You can also buy contact lenses without prescription for certain issues or problems that occur in your eyes. Different types of contact lenses which you can order without prescription or consultancy of doctors are as follows:

  • Aqua Contact Lenses- It has tri-comfort technology which is made of superior silicone hydrogen material. It is a monthly disposable lens. It gives 5 times more oxygen to eyes and has a feature of the ultra-smooth surface which prevents a build-up of deposit materials. It provides ease and comfort to your eyes.
  • Oasys Contact lenses- These contact lenses are designed for daily wear and provide exceptional relaxed and soothing effect to the eyes. The Hydraclear technology prevents dryness of eyes by retaining a higher amount of moisture, thus keeping the eyes moisturized. It prevents 96% of UVA and 99% of UVB. These lenses are best for the people who are exposed to strenuous jobs.
  • Aqua Comfort Plus- It is a disposal lens and you can wear a fresh pair every day. It has the inbuilt moisturizing agent that can gear the power of every blink to release the moisturizing agent. It is manufactured and designed with a special triple action moisturizing function that keeps surface layer clean and mist.
  • Biomedics contact lens- These are the disposable lens for the people who are wearing contact lenses for the first time or the people who are allergy sensitive. It is made with UV Blocking to prevent from harmful ultraviolet radiation which can harm your eyes.
  • Toric Contact Lens-   Astigmatism is a condition which causes light to scatter in a different direction instead of focusing on the retina which results in blurred vision. Toric lenses correct this problem by using a technique called Lo- Torque which provides greater stability when placed on eyeballs.

Thus, contact lens not only serves clinical recommendations or cosmetic purposes. It is also used to solve minor issues without the consulting doctors. If you have such problems you can correct them at the earliest by buying contact lenses without the prescription.

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